Rust banned cauz of a hacker

Hello, my account got hacked.
So basically, 51 days ago, one of my friends sent me a link on my Steam PM wich said “Free CS:GO skins are available for the new year” and I clicked on it. What I didn’t know back then was that his account got hacked, and, because I trusted this friend, I clicked on that link and someone stole my account. I managed to get it back like 1~2 days after but the one who had my account cheated on Rust I guess ? And now I’m banned from Rust.
I already asked for an unban but no one answered me and that’s why I am asking here if someone could help me.

Here is a proof of my account getting hacked and how I got it back (in french because I’m french sooo).

I Don’t trust you because you might used a hacking Program

And when you clicked the link why you didn’t think its a scam ?? Because nothing free in the world You must Pay

As I said, I didn’t think of it as a scam but more as a contest. And again I trusted that friend and I didn’t know that he was hacked. Here’s another proof if it can help you believe me.

Ok i trust you Now Go Find Gary And Talk to him He will help you :slight_smile:

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