Rust banned

Hi all,I have already starting to drop his hands,I don’t know what to do next, my name is Arkady, I’m from Russia,to play the game “Rust” the 2013-2014 year, in 2019 I got banned from rust,at that time I really played well in this game,a large number of people called me a cheater, I admired that,I felt invincible,just the other day I wrote an appeal to me its refused under the pretext that evidence has razbanivat and I will not,because of this, the ban of my friends trust me very much fell off and I had to create a new account and play on an empty account,I played without problems,until I got blocked again only for 3 days, and I did not attach much importance to this because a lot of people complained about me, while I had this ban for 3 days, I asked a friend to give me another account so that I could continue playing with him,but in the end, after 2 days, I was banned from his account for 3 days, I waited remaining on your account and decided that re-ban will not give me,but I was wrong gave me already banned forever,I wrote an appeal,but I just ignore it took 15 days since the ban,I ask those who read it,I really need your help,I really like this game I played it more than 12 thousands of hours and want to keep playing,I’ve never used cheats in age,was the only time,but that was rust legacy,help please

I think they’re clearly trying to say that you’ve played enough, you could use a break.
Rust cost $20 at the time you bought it, you got 600 hours per every dollar spent, you could say you got your worth, now let others play the game.