RUST base builder

Hey guys,
I was hoping some of you would have some time on your hands to help me out here. I am in the process of making a base building planner for RUST. From what I saw in alpha footage and streams protecting your base comes down to planning how to build and you can make some pretty sick / ingenious approaches to hiding your stash and preventing it from being raided.

I got most of the basics working to make a web based floor plan builder outputting how many resources needed however I cannot specificly test it against the ingame constraints of RUST without access to the game. I’ve seen the wiki but that doesn’t help me that much yet.

**If someone would be so kind to supply me with the following information:
**1. What I really need is the portions / sizes of each place-able item, screenshots of configurations, wall, door, pillar would work. Exact size would be AWESOME (if a dev / mod has a moment)
2. What points does a pillar snap on, at the moment i have 9 snap points. The corners, middle of each side and middle middle.
3. How many pillars are needed to place a object ontop of pillars. (4?).
4. Which objects can be placed ontop of pillars (ramps, foundations).
5. Where do these pillars need to be to place an object ontop of them? DO you just need 4? Or does it need to be on each corner?
6. A wall/doorframe can be inbetween ANY of two pillars with the correct size between them? Even cross foundations?

Any more info would be great for me to get to a state where I could actually push a preview / test version


Awesome idea, hopefully someone gives you the info you need :slight_smile:

  1. Correct, 9 Snap points
  2. 4 is needed to place a ceiling building part on top of a foundation
  3. Only Ceilings can be placed on top of 4 pillars then you need pillars connected to the ceiling to place walls on the ceiling.
    5/6. Two pillars at the correct distance is needed to place a wall or Door frame inbetween them even going over two foundations

Hope I helped

Yea I think so as well, as a web developer I enjoy projects like this and considering I did similar projects (floor planners, calculators for games) before it seemed like a nice idea to support the project.

Personally I would mostly use it to make sure I can build and complete a house in the amount of resources I have collected. Seems like it would suck if you have to go harvesting and leave your base in the middle of a build project and leave all your stuff exposed.

In the future I am kinda toying with the idea to actually plan like a city with it. Would be nice if you can assign your friends area’s and barricade it all off. Would at least look awesome, then recruit both USA and EU people and cover the timezones! Guards on duty all the time, add some RP… NERDGASM.

Different colours to be assigned to different people/friends, simples.

Sounds great, good luck with this :slight_smile:

Awesome thank you, can you confirm that the ceiling will only be placed if the pillars hit the corners? Or would any configuration of 4 work? Say Top left, Top Right, Middle left, Center.

as long as the pillars can match the four corners of ceiling then it will work, however it has to be on the four corners of the CEILING part but can be inbetween foundations.

Ok that answers all of my questions for now well except sizes but I can continue without those for now.

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One more question, can walls intersect? Can you make a cross like shape on one foundation?

Dont. People will end up having the same houses all over the place.

Let me know when your done with this :slight_smile:

It wont tbh, because there is no real PERFECT way to build a house, it also depends on your geographical location on the map and your surroundings (in regards to other survivors)

No they can not, also doors can be placed nearly anywhere but not stacked, closed to each other or in another object.

good good, i’ll have a prototype up and running around the weekend. I had to redo how walls snap as my first implementation didn’t really work so well cross foundations. Thank you guys for the help!

Alls I know is that today I found out that if you put 2 foundations, and put a pillar in the center you can put a wall in the middle… So you can have a half foundation width balcony around your house!


Good idea! I liked to use similar tools when ive played other similar building games. (Wurm)