Rust Bed Suggestion

Was watching a Rust stream and some people placed beds outside his house, and then placed foundation over it so he couldn’t destroy it, they just kept respawning and following him around, trying to hatchet him to death, I then thought of the idea to limit the amount of times you can respawn on a bed, before you have to place a new one, so that way, if you were playing properly, and died a lot, you could go, get the supplies for a new sleeping bag and place it down again.


Yeah, one of the exploiters was called Machine - you can find the VOD at Lirik’s channel on Twitch. Was fucking annoying as heck.

I would like this, and I would want the foundation over bed glitch to be fixed. I would say that 25 respawns AT MOST 10 At least before getting another one

helk said in chat accouple days ago that there will be a 5min cooldown on bed respawns.

Oh I hadn’t heard that Snap, that’s awesome!

Don’t see how its not legit as it’s a game mechanic. As long as the foundation being placed over a sleeping bag is green and not red, its a tactic. Besides I’m not the one overriding gamma settings to see in the dark. That’s an exploit in my mind.

Thank fucking god , I fought off two dudes who kept dropping beds near my house and spawning over and over and over again. I killed them maybe 60 times before I ran out of ammo. In that time they broke my doors twice (I replaced them) and hatcheted one dude a ton who just placed his sleeping bag in my house after some how glitching through the door.

I broke maybe 8 sleeping bags before I just couldn’t keep them at bay and ran off with my sleeping bag before they could get me.