Rust Beginner Tipps and Tricks Series German ![HD]

Dear Guys,

today i present you my new made Youtube Channel About Rust, i dont have many Youtube or Video editing experience but i try to learn it Step by Step.

My First Series is only for Beginners where i try to teach the very Basic’s of the Game, like collection Ressources burn Metal and build a first own Shack.

Later there will be a Let’s Play and Special Giveaway Video’s etc.

Okay enough Talking here is the way to my first video :slight_smile: Remember atm. the only Language is German. But i think there are already good English sources.

enjoy !

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Hey its me marpmarp24 xD

Episode 2 now online ! Be prepared for the Wipe !


When does the new Building video comes ?

Thanks for the interest :slight_smile: it should be up in a Week !

Sehr gute Video, hoffe auf mehr…

Very Nice Video, i hope of more.

Thanks for the feedback ! new Video is online now ! sorry its a bit silent it will be fixed in my next Video !



Some great Videos for beginners , keep it up :).

Thanks for your Support ! new Quicktipp Video online !