Rust Beginners guide! All you need to know about rust to begin playing.

My friend and I made a beginners guide to rust. Thanks to whomever fixed the colors of text and added contents <3 thank you!

not bad

Thanks, Enjoy using it

Nice! Thanks you!

Thanks for the info.

Thanks! This is a good preface for us newbs.

Yup, Hopefully an admin stickies this for new users :stuck_out_tongue:

Lot of fun making this with blade2697!!!

Already written:

Step 1: wait for a beta key.

Step 2: …

Ah thanks :), I learned alot of this by watching the youtube videos in the youtube content thread, but I didnt know about the crates! Thanks for that!

nice aha :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember, Some of this stuff has changed…I will chagne the content at a later date

So how is everyone’s day going so far?

Great, rebooted our team and we’re starting everything in a more organized matter.

where do I find to play rust.

Sorry the 1st Line made me laugh.

If your going to post negative replies, Please don’t use the guide, or post a reply for that matter…

Thanks for the info