Rust being Public

When will everyone be able to play rust?

when its ready.

When is it ready then?

as of such time garry newman and co have determined it to be ready for public release

iv seen alot of rust and im sorry mods if i get out of hand i really wanna test rust

you dont want to test it

you want to play it

stop getting them confused

So true. Everyones on here begging for a key and saying “I want to test Rust” and stuff like that, when in reality YOU KNOW that once they get the game up and running they aren’t going to “test” shit other than their ability of survival (aka just playing the game)

Im not joking of course im gonna play around a bit and get items but i will test whats needed to be tested


you wont get a key

stop begging.

Im not begging and im not lieing

Like you guys actually test games rather than play them in alpha either.