Rust best apartment/house (€15 award)

Hey guys, me and another guy is running an experiment on having just one, big, huge town/city on one server only.

So as it seem right now, we’re beginning to be very very low on space in town, and people has been coming up with different designs of hotels they’re renting out to other players.

Join the server, and show me what kind of creative ideas you have.

The requirements are:

-Doesn’t matter if it’s wood or metal.

-It has to be tall and contain multiple apartments each floor.

-Furniture may be set, the same with furnaces/fire inside the corridors for light/other creative ideas are greatly appreciated.

-It’s up to you, whether to place window bars or not.

-It must be in the main town or the sub urbs of the main town.

So simply choose a spot that’s available, and build away!

The price is:

$5000 in-game money and 15€ sent on PayPal, or any game on Steam for 15€ or under.

I’ll take a look around each apartment complex, and then I’ll post the winner + screenshot of the complex on the Steam group Rusted Civilization.

The winner will be chosen tomorrow night some time, so keep an eye out!

Server IP:

Let’s see how creative you people are!

Yeah, it’s really peaceful there.

sounds like you are going to loot that beautifull houses