Rust - Best Quick Headshot Ever!

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Thanks guys :smiley:

Your PC is a toaster and you have the reaction time of a sloth with downs syndrome

Damn you’re bad ass, that bow could of taken like 20 hitpoints off you if you hadn’t of shot quick enough with your huge gun!!

Actually the bow is a really strong weapon (two hits and he would’ve died adding the bleeding) but meh I don’t see the point of this video . What Toy_Soldier said ^

You posted this months ago and everyone hated it and told you it was horrible. Why would you re-post this?

To get more views. (and dislikes)

Best worst video of the 21st century!

Why are you re-posting a old video? You got a lot of flame the last time you posted this.

If my reaction times are really that bad… then how did i make this headshot so quickly? cos you’ve got to have good reactions times for when you see someone right next to you and react like i did

It took you precisely 2 seconds to react which is a lot(at 17 u see his legs and 19 you kill him) . Trolling isn’t healthy for your channel’s reputation and if you aren’t trolling then you’re probably pretty new to pc gaming to think that’s a fast reaction :smiley:

Can’t tell if this guy is serious or not.

I liked it. The end was funny.

Hahaha reaction times of a pro, you so gud bro.:rolleyes:

Well at least one person had something nice to say

Holy shit you CQC’d a guy with a bow and no armor at point blank, my word you are a pro!

It’s not about what the guy had on him or what he was doing, it’s about the reaction from seeing him and shooting him and being able to get a headshot in that short amount of time

Actually I am pretty sure armor matters.
Not to mention you set high expectations in your multiple thread titles only to see some low teir shit that happen everyday.

That’s what you don’t get . It wasn’t a fast reaction at all , it took you TWO seconds to hit him after you saw him(at 1:17) + it was at point blank range , you know where the center of your screen is so it’s really nothing spectacular in the video , people won’t say good things about your vids if they aren’t good , you’re not a child to be told it’s great when it isn’t . I hope it’s just sarcasm when you say that was a fast reaction !

Just for the fun of it go take this test even though it doesn’t have much to do with shooters :smiley:

This is what I managed

No thank you.