Rust Black Screen

So, i finally got this going. I try to join the game and I get the black screen problem everyone is getting. I looked in other threads but none were straight forward and gave a definite answer. I hoping to find a fix for this. Im playing on a laptop, I read that this could be a problem.

I have the same problem, and sometimes Unity tells me that there was a fatal content error.

Also playing on a laptop.

I have the same problem but I’m on a desktop

I have the same problem. I play on a laptop.

Have the same problem… sittin on a laptop

Try to update your web Unity3D

Done That.

In my case it helped for desktop

I reinstalled it and it still didn’t work. The farthest I have gotten in to the game was the chat appearing for a split second and then my screen split into halves by a horizontal line. The top was blueish and the bottom was black.

playing on a laptop and get the blackscreen aswell. I am updating unity3d as I speak right now. I will post if it works.

It won’t

IN MY CASE, I think it might be that my computer is not fast enough to run the game. I feel that if they make a downloadable launcher version of the game, I might possibly be able to play it.

Same here, HUD isn’t showing up, so I cant equip items etc.

Update helped me, but i don’t see HUD and I can’t respawn.

Ditto, I’ve got a black screen and a laptop too.

Update helped with my desktop but no HUD

Actually I got it to load, it takes a while.

Yeah after updating Unity once again; it loads and proceeds to crash immediately afterwards.

Update: Black screen isnt a problem, just unity still crashes

I dont have a hud at all :l anyone know how to fix that?