rust black water

hi guys is there a fix that i can do i have pure black water looks like oil lol

so unhappy i been waiting for this patch so i can make new base but dont no if i should coz they may wipe servers again for fix???

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You didn’t even make an attempt to search for it did you?

Telling him to search for it is not an answer.

Gunny, I think this has been fixed as of today, according to @rustupdates on Twitter, and should make it in tomorrow’s patch.

I didn’t tell him to search for anything. I gave him a link to a thread where I already posted a fix. I asked him if he even searched for it, as I’m sure you can read. At the time he posted his thread, my thread with the fix was less than 10 threads below the top.

I won’t argue with you, he got the information he needed in a polite manner. Problem solved.