Rust blocks AUTOHOTKEY.

Tell me how to bypass a blocked game rust
for use autohotkey.

When the game starts , autohotkey stops working even in the notebook

game RUST

Thank you all in advance.
Sorry for my english.

if i remember correctly, EAC doesn’t support it.

have you tried window mode ?

Because it’s used to created macros that can do things like counter recoil.

This is not right !
That game is so full of holes is not to blame AHK.

Where an alternative program for Bindi keys and commands ???
Let your developers do!
Just do not know how to make friends with the parties.

I downloaded the game just because I thought I could play in sa-mp using AHK.

And then won it as .

you might need to clarify what you mean by…well, everything you just said.

the only part i understood was that you are upset that autohotkey isn’t supported. to be honest, you need to get over that, because it’s a big gaping hole for cheaters to use if they allow it.

I am not a crook .
I want to use the program to write commands and quick insertion .
For example key NUMPAD1 = / kill or NUMPAD2 = / loc
and so on.

What programs support EAC that would use the keys to my destination.

ok, so i understand you are saying you are not a cheat. the point remains, the method that allows you to make a /kill button is the same method that allows others to bind aimbot on/off or other wonderful hacks. it’s not intended to stop you, it’s intended to stop others who cheat.

as far as i know, nothing that binds hotkeys like that is supported by EAC.

just type it, it’s 6 keystrokes for /kill.

There is no reason Rust should specifically allow macroing like this, that’s why AHK is blocked by EAC. There is no legitimate gameplay need for it. The fact that you can’t execute plugin text commands from a macro is not garry’s problem.

And even if you are honest with it, it can be used to create anti-recoil scripts, which make guns far easier to aim: cheating.

Welcome to Rust, where you have to do things like type five keys by yourself.

Developers need to do to make a program like AHK but cuts functions.
That we could be a function of assigning commands to keys .
Or make a GUI for ease of gameplay.

Many people do not play the games due to the fact they do not like manual input commands !

The commands you’re talking about aren’t even default commands, they’ve been added in by mods. The devs have zero responsibility to make it easier to use mod chat commands. They don’t need to do anything.

You can just deal with it.

Besides, garry hates chat commands.