Rust Booster | Boost your FPS by 30-50! | Video Inside

Some of you already know about Rust Command Center that I released a few days ago. I received such good feedback but most of it was for the frame rate boost section of the tool. I decided to make a standalone FPS booster and that is why I created Rust Booster. It requires AutoHotkey to be installed to work.

Rust Booster!


  1. Download AutoHotkey & install
  2. Download Rust Booster if Oxide forum is down use this link
  3. Open Rust and join your server
  4. Run Rust Booster

When you execute a command, make sure you let it run it’s coarse and do not interrupt the task or it will not work properly.

If the app does nothing when you press a button, close it and right click it and "Run as Administrator"

Might Be CD Key Stealer

Not worth risking my 1k hour Rust account for a key logger. Besides, Oxide scans all files before allowing them to be downloaded.

Autohot key is great

how exactly does this work though?

yeah you kind of already used the CD key so that literally is not possible.

I don’t 100% trust it but

if you use steamguard no one can steal your account.

Even so, don’t expect users to blindly trust a program designed to change settings. What exactly does this do?

He tells you in the video.

Ok… but why should I be expected to watch a 5.5 minute video to figure out what this is doing?

If it explains what is going on, you’re expected to read or watch it. That’s just how it is.

I will however compile a list of commands it touches. It might be a moment.

Sweet! I’ll try it it!

You can’t expect people to watch videos, especially very dry videos such as this one. A textual list in addition to the video would be very helpful.


Max Boost types in:

Semi Boost types in:

Restore Defaults types in:

Grass off types:

Grass on types:

just watch the video if you want to know

stop being lazy

it’s just a macro that sets each button to open the console, and then types in console commands to increase performance.

This is exactly what it does. Thanks for clarifying snickerdoodle.

Thanks for the information. As someone who’s easily distracted, it’s much easier to skim through a list of information about something than to sit through a video that I find dry and boring (no offense to the OP, many videos like this are that way), which I find near-impossible.

how about watch it once instead of asking uber dumb questions?
too much for you? only here to moan?

jeez use it or not but keep your accusations somewhere else…

My only concern is, would Valve consider this a cheat? I mean they are against applications that run and affect a video game. In fact, that’s how they detect cheats. So my question is: how long have you been using this? Just want to make sure it’s safe.

They actually look for injections and code modifications which this does not do. It is merely an alternate way of putting commands in the console that you would otherwise do manually.

no its not a cheat, its simple typing… just like you would.

but, in my opinion, if you have to turn all of that off to get a decent framerate, you need a new video card.

I honestly do not know what you’re on about, but I don’t appreciate your attitude.

A lot of it really is all because of the poor optimization really.

standing still me 770 can do a solid 100-120, but in other games I can do 100 while killing things.