After the recent rust update it seems whenever I try to load up rust I get a bsod: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA (EasyAntiCheat.sys).
I can load up the game fine when using the .exe version but then I get EAC disconnect and renders me unable to join the servers I play.
Does anyone know any fixes for this?


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Help please

Did you try reinstalling Rust?

I’ve done it about 3-4 times and tried reinstalling EAC as well but the bsod keeps happening ;/

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Anyways i would recommend that you reinstall easyanticheat and maybe even rust

Let us know if that helped

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Actually, Thewishmaster quoted the original post, but forgot to make it a quote - you should ask Bradstarfilms to leave. It never hurts to actually read the thread :slight_smile:


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Anyone have a fix for this has been like this since thursday update…

Could you check if there’s any files in C:\Windows\Minidump\ for the time when the crash occurred, and upload one of them to Thanks! I got told to send this via email when I contacted through your website, I don’t know how to read dmps 0.o


Thanks for uploading the dump! We are looking into this now, I’ll let you know more as soon as possible.

Thanks for responding:)


If you’d have time, could you add me in Steam Friends ( and we could quickly confirm that it’s fixed on your system? Prior the next anti-cheat update goes live. Thanks!

It’s not fixed :3 still get bsods

I’d need to check more closely what’s happening with your system when the crash happens.

For some reason the Windows crash dump is stating your OS version as:
Windows 7 Kernel Version 10586 MP (8 procs) Free x64.

But the build number is of Windows 10’s. I haven’t seen this before.

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