Rust Buddies - PVP/Sleep [Noobs Welcome!] Adult Admins

Hello all! I am happy to announce our lag free, no nonsense, 200 slot server! Why should you join this server over others? You will be playing with an Alpha Vet with nearly 400 hours logged in Rust.

Wipes only on critical game and server updates - All your time will not be wasted here with server wipes every few days. We only wipe when Garry pushes updates that require us to do so.

Noob Friendly! - We are always willing to help new players learn the game so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Our admin team are adults! - We will not abuse commands or spawn items.

We do not tolerate hacks, cheats or exploits. Anyone caught will be banished on site!

Our server is ran by 3 mature adults who are highly active and willing to help anyone who has questions about the game.

Airdrops only sent when 40+ people are online. This will give you tons of time to gather and build your dream home!

Make friends! Our server is friendly and we cut out the drama!

See our group for more info and updates here
Server Name: Rust Buddies - PVP/Sleep/ [Noobs Welcome!]
Connect Command: net.connect
My Steam Profile: