Rust Bug Report Forum

I don’t usually take the time to post in forums unless I have something important to add in regards to found bug and possible development ideas, but i thought i would make an exception. I have noticed that many people are using Facepunch to voice issues about glitches, or bugs found and i just wanted to remind my fellow Rust players that there is a separate forum for these types of reports. It can be found to the right of the “Play Game” tab on the Playrust page. As Garry is no doubtly busy it would be in the games best interest to stick to the specific forum for these reports as posting in multiple places not only makes it more difficult for Garry and the rest of the dev team but also can cause the report to be missed, slowing down development.

Left of the “Play Game” tab?

thanks for that catch. fixed.

console spews >RenderTexture.Create failed:format unsupported.

when in the crafting menu and a boxed inventory. some how the boxed inventory will overlap the crafting menu.

at last check. the cars are not drivable and you must disconnect to get out of them once entered. if i see more i will post them here.

… don’t post any more bug reports to this thread, T0St3D. This thread is four months old. Don’t do this.

There is a Rust Bug Reports subforum linked at the top of the Rust forum, and that is the proper place for bug reports. Also please make sure there isn’t already a thread discussing the bugs you are experiencing. You ate probably not the only one having them.

well this bug or i dont evan know how to explain it but when ever im on skype talking to my friends and i decide to play rust with them. when ever i connect to a server the skype call quality goes right down and i lag badly on the server such as being placed to where i was ever 15 seconds and rising from the ground and not being able to open doors or storage boxes. this is really annoying and breaks my rust game experience because it lasts for more than 5 minutes when i start playing and its not a internet thing. other games on steam and other games outside of steam work fine nothing happens no lag its a rust problem. please fix this fast because its really annoying for me.