Rust building suggestion

Building in rust, particularly deleting walls in rust can be frustrating at times. I know you’re given a short time after creating a wall or structure to be able to delete it but adding on or modifying an existing structure just cant happen unless you spend an absurd amount of resources (c4) to move walls around. I was told by players in game, and it makes sense its because that if a raider is able to get building access fp didnt want people to be able to just delete walls to assist in raiding. My suggestion would be to increase the health of the toolcab, or make them extremely hard to destroy. Usually theyre not needed to be destroyed or moved anyway. Along with that the tool cabinet always remembers the original builder (of that cabinet). He, and he alone can delete structures for the life of the cabinet so long as he has access granted.

the only possible problem i see with this is if someone gets raided and someone new takes over their base. the original owner can raid back his base and if able to secure building access again he can delete walls to access possibly new loot rooms added.

Another problem was that people where able to completely block all entrances and hallways in their base before logging off, after logging in again they easily removed the walls they put before. It sucked.

The tool cupboard was never suppose to be permanent. IMO, it would’ve been better if authorized users worked like sleeping bags or if you could put a code lock on them.

On the flip side, sometimes a raided base is better than your own and having TC access allows you to keep it.

Yeahno. People will build second floors and delete the staircase behind them within the cupboard building protection zone, and they’ll also wall the cupboard in with all four walls, removing one whenever cupboard access is needed and then replacing the wall.

Welcome to unraidable bases (unless you bring enough c4 to just blow it completely apart) again.

Instead, plan ahead when building your bases. Learn and adapt new techniques over time. Welcome to Rust.

People already do this with the 2nd floor or more stair system. Myself included. And building several floors straight up and destroying them behind you with a shotgun or rifle, The poor man’s elevator or something they call it. I’ve seen several bases this way where the door to get in is 5 stories up.

I can see how walling off hallways or doors when ppl would log would be a bigger problem.