Rust Bullshit - Comedy Series

Rust Bullshit, random things I come across whilst playing Rust. Currently, I only have one uploaded, but I will update this thread as more are put up. =)

-Deleted Video-

I did not laugh.

What was i meant to be looking at?

Wow was that obnoxious. Very annoying music, not sure what I am looking at, shaky camera, and… Yeah, very annoying, did not enjoy. On the plus side, you definitely delivered on the bullshit, I’ll give you that.

Video removed. Thanks for the kind comments everyone…

And thank you for removing it! <3

You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed the video =)

i dont know about u guys,i thought it was cute.

To be fair, it was really stupid, but all the same don’t give up on making videos, just don’t do comedy, it really isn’t your thing. Try just recording gameplay or light commentary if you think you are good at that. (No face cams though, that shit is stupid.)

Thank you Prince, at least one person enjoyed it. xD