Rust Calculator for Android

Calculator resources for Rust Experimental

All fans of Rust Experimantal dedicated!
A handy resource calculator for your favorite games.
Always forget how much IAC is necessary for the rocket launcher?
Tired consider how much powder you need to craft explosives?
Then this app is for you :slight_smile:
You simply choose a category of items, select the item, enter the desired number of crafting and get a detailed list of items and their quantity.

Copyrights belong to the game © “Facepunch Studios LTD”.
Content is available under a Creative Commons 3.0 License

Available on Google Play Market Rust Calculator

Nice, what did you make it in? Android Studio?

Yes, Android Studio and Rust Wiki

Cool, I wish i had an Android

New version available on Google Play Market :slight_smile:

Very nice.

I paid the google play publish fee but never got around to learning how to make apps because I’m lazy.

You can start with MIT App Inventor if you don’t know any iteration of Java or C.

Available a new version on Google Play =)