(Rust) Can they improve the hunger system in the near future?

I’d just like to start by saying I am just new to the game, but so far I love it. It’s just that I find the hunger bar decreases so damn quickly! Especially when first joining a server and trying to get established, it feels damn near impossible to get anything done because even when full it feels like it’s gone within a couple of minutes. So I was wondering if there will be efforts to improve the hunger system in the near future? (Also, I don’t mean to complain, I really think the game is awesome)

It really isn’t so bad once you get some food. When you fill your meter it takes a long time to empty. However, I will agree that it shouldn’t drop as quickly as it is currently.

It really isn’t, I agree, but hopefully the hunger meter will still be adjusted.

I think the hunger meter goes down fast because day cycle is fast. Also, if you are out scavenging resources, the hunger meter will go down faster since you are doing hard work.

Yeah, but I still think it’s too fast. An actual human could survive a week or two without food (but it would be incredibly uncomfortable for obvious reasons). In Rust you can hardly survive a day.
I think it should decrease much slower, maybe it takes just a bit less than a week from the starting hunger to reach zero. Once it reaches zero, it should add a “Starving” effect, making your work less efficient. After a while of starving, you begin “Starving To Death” which deals damage.

It’s not that bad considering that just one chicken breast gives like 500 hunger. You can get a full bar just by like four chicken breasts

When you first start out you have around 1200 hunger or so. It will NOT drop fast if you are just running around, BUT if you try to get too many resources too fast it will drop really fast (ie watch your hunger when you harvest 1 time on resources). One of the first things you should do is try to kill an animal to get some food and cloth. If you run around collecting wood and stones first you will be in a bad position to THEN start looking for food.

The problem with this is that right now it seems resources are rather poorly distributed. I rather quickly learned that you need to immediately kill animals for food. But it seems nearly every time I spawn, I practically run around the whole map looking for animals and don’t find absolutely any before I end up starving to death.

You obviously don’t have the map somewhat memorized. Animals will spawn in the same general area each day. If you just run around the map in an unorthodox manner you will have a hard time finding anything. You can easily pull up a map of Rust. And as to your previous comment, yes in real life you don’t starve to death in a day but you also don’t go from being a caveman to having a handheld gun in a day either. Its not meant to be realistic, just challenging. Cheers

For a starter, it’s pretty challenging to kill an animal with just a rock. And taking into consideration that there are a lot of newbies, they will probably starve to death or bleed out before they get a chance to do much.

Unless another source of food is added (such as fruits), I think that gathering Wood and Stones would be the top priority, followed by a Shelter, Campfire, Hunting Bow and Arrows. This is under the assumption that the hunger system will be adjusted.

well with the new map, and the steam version coming, i think alot of this will be straightened out. They have stated that the rescource distribution is a bit lopsided, and unrealistic.

Food should be more wide and varied across the landscape, as should the rescources. The ability to chop trees was definately a step in the right direction, and hopefully they do something similar with stones and minerals.

I think being able to hit rocky ground for stones should at least be integrated. It would make life much easier for fresh spawns, as going into the resource spawn points can mean the equivalent of insta death alot of the time. Your going to find at least one other fresh spawn, and possibly a well equipped player/s trying to get their metal and stone as well.

When you start out you look for food, along the way you will find wood piles and rocks. You don’t need much to make a stone hatchet (First item a nooby should build). Then you can easily kill a pig or a wolf. Wolf will do damage to you but you should manage to kill it first with the stone hatchet. Like I said before if you run around and try to harvest too much too fast with no food you will starve and it will be too late to THEN look for food. Make it your first priority and you should do fine.

Again, newbies would not know this. But good points.

In my opinion, fruits and/or mushrooms should be added in as a food resource. If not, the hunger system should be adjusted. Or both.

Well thats why I am on here posting c:
And to your points about fruits, I am sure that with time there will be more kinds of food and resources in the future.

That’s exactly the problem, though. I shouldn’t have to memorize where they spawn. They should just be spawning everywhere.

Yes they should. But to your point you were saying you find yourself running around not being able to find anything. I merely gave you a tip for at this point in time they do not randomly spawn everywhere. Good luck :smiley:

Yeah, I knew they spawned quite regularly in some areas, it’s just difficult to find those areas when you’re a noob unless you spawn right next to one.

It seems that with the latest patch that added the cliffs and rocks, that animals are few and far between. I’ve done nothing but run around trying to find a kill-able animal (not a bear) three times and have dies from starvation all three times.

i didnt find this a problem when i started since you can sneak up and kill a deer with just the stone

and once you build yourself a bow its just so easy to keep well fed

Hunger bar doesn’t go down fast, try running around the entire spawn map (circular road) it wont even take your 3000 hunger meter to 0. It only goes down fast when you’re collecting resources or have cold effect applied to you (which is quite realistic, i mean cmon you’re working hard you better be hungrier soon) it kinda balances out people from just going mad resource gathering at start, you shouldn’t, first establish a little hut, kill some deer (which gives u MORE than plenty of chicken to cook and fill up hunger for next 30mins to an hour of collecting resources) you know, then you wont have problem with hunger bar going down too quickly, so i must disagree with your thread sir sorry!!! Hopefully my disagreement was explained.