Rust Can't Stream Rust

Hello guys,

I can’t stream Rust. I don’t know why, but I think it’s something game side related. Because when i start my game and try to preview stream in OBS, it is only showing a black screen. It’s very funny that there is a stream mode, but if you can’t stream the game it’s useless.
I heard a lot of people that are having thee same problem as me… So anyone know how to fix it? Because when i want to stream rust now. I have to stream my whole monitor, And that is giving my some real FPS drops… HELP FACEPUNCH!

Thanks for your time.

Is your OBS up to date?

Yes it is…

Try running it as admin and make sure you’ve got anti-cheat compatability checked in the properties (if that’s still a thing in OBS) and see if that works.

It works for me if I use Window Mode.
Ingame, set the game to Borderless Windowmode and you are set.
Oh and use OBS 32 Bit.