Rust Causing BSOD

The past couple of days I sometimes get a blue screen when trying to open rust. So I updated my drivers and still happens. I tried reinstalling the game and that works for only the next time I open the game. So I did a full windows reinstall and thought it worked. But after I logged off and tried to load the game I get a blue screen. I am currently at a loss with what to do. Any info would be helpful.

I’m very sorry about this, might be EAC related. Could you upload the minidump for us? You’ll find it in C:\Windows\Minidump\

It is definitely EAC related. EAC can trigger the blue screen of death - intentionally in some cases.

what possible reason would EAC have to intentionally BSOD someone?

Here are the last 2 I had.

I did have the EasyAntiCheat issue causing the game to not load about 5 days ago but it went away after I did a restart. Im not sure if that has anything to do with it. After that happened I played without a problem for a couple of days until I started getting this blue screen issue.

Thanks! Looks like the problem is in atikmpag.sys, which is the AMD graphic driver. Could you try some other driver versions?

Good question :slight_smile: I’d say, none.

What are your specs?

Honestly I’m not sure how to do that. When I goto my graphics card my “Roll Back Driver” option is grayed out.

Nevermind…too quick to post and not quick enough to just google it. Im not on the factory drivers and I will try to find some not so current drivers.

So Im using the version before the newest and it seems to have fixed my blue screen. Thanks for the help!