Rust causing computer to crash.

System Specs:

Macbook Pro
Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013

Processor = 2.4 Intel Core i5
Memory = 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics = Intel Iris

I am able to get in a game server and run around for a few seconds but at some point my entire system will crash. I play at the fastest settings, and even tried at the lowest resolution.

I’ve played other games at max graphics and havent had such problems; anybody experiencing the same, or have any solutions?

Almost the same thing happening here. I’ve recently tried to run the experimental build. Once I got into the server, my display driver crashes and my multimonitor setup goes kaput, all screens black, unable get task manager to the foreground. I had to restart my computer.

16gb ram
ati 270x
igpu: hd4000

edit: forgot to mention, my OS is windows 7 64 bit


It may be that the game doesn’t run well with intel integrated graphics, although the fact that it allows me to enter the game for any amount of time and actually play then crash is confusing.

Monitor your temperatures and see if you’re hitting max thermal junction (aka safety shutdown). Also make sure your graphics and sound drivers are up to date.

Rust doesn’t like integrated graphics, but it shouldn’t just explode when it sees one.

Temperature is not the issue.

Both versions of Rust ran fine back when I had just the integrated. Legacy is fine on the 270x. I haven’t tried to launch experimental on the 270x again after the last episode. Experimental was fine on the 270x 2 weeks ago.

edit: tried launching it again recently and it works again

It might be for mistermonr0e, the thread OP, who I was responding to. Are your drivers up to date?

There’s been a few posts, not only on here, but also on Steam’s forums about Mac’s having problems running Rust. Unfortunatly, I don’t run apple’s OS, so I can’t provide you with steps to take. Try the Steam forums, or shit even youtube might have some videos on it! Hope it works!