Rust causing Powser Surges

Rust has a history of PC crashing, freezing and destroying problems.
First time I played Rust I kept getting BSOD’s. Looked it up, and it was Rust’s fault.
Then I got BSOD’s on the site with an AMD card. Once again Rust’s fault.
Now almost a year later, or an actual year later, I try Rust again. Hoping they might have fixed something. I played for 3 minutes, and my motherboard’s Anti-Surge jumps in and restarts my PC.
I try again, could’ve been a fluke. 1 minute into the game, BAM Power Surge.
What the hell?
I looked it up. I’m not the only one having Power Surges while playing Rust.
Now I would just move on and never touch Rust again if it didn’t start to affect other games too, making me have to turn of anti-surge with possible risk of hardware damage during a storm.
Facepunch please, fix this crap or remove your game before you actually start destroying hardware.
I was literally afraid of a BSOD when I went to this site.


Angry ex-player.

Have you ever considered not playing rust on a computer from the 1980s?

Sounds like faulty hardware to me. Get a new graphics card, PSU or motherboard.

My hardware:
CPU: Intel i7-4790k.
GPUs: 2x Gigabyte Radeon HD 7950 3GB Edition.
RAM 4x4 GB of CL9 RAM.
Motherboard: Asus Z97 Pro Gamer.
PSU: Corsair 750CX.

I haven’t had a PC problem for over a year.
Then I play Rust for 3 minutes and it causes a power surge.
When I looked it up there were others having the same problem SPECIFICALLY with Rust.
If you’re not going to make a useful comment, connapls, don’t answer.
It’s not faulty hardware either. My hardware is completely fine.

Have you tried other relatively graphically intensive Unity 5 games? Are you trying to play using crossfire? If so, tried turning it off? Games don’t magically cause power surges, especially ones running on a tried and tested engine like Unity. It really is likely to be a fault with your GPU setup, or some other piece of hardware failing under stress.

How old is your house (or more specifically the wiring in it)

Besides that most cases I can find of people getting the power surge error message all have the same PSU as you so there’s a pretty big chance that’s actually the culprit. Is it the modular or non modular version?

It looks like Rust fried my video card. Never playing Rust again. Nothing but problems when playing it.
Before playing Rust my GPU worked perfect fine with it’s aftermarket cooler.
Was running on low temps etc.
After I got a power surge from Rust the temp has been insane. Nearly burned my finger on the GPU.
This is Rust’s fault and I will be demanding a refund for the game and my GPU.

Sorry to hear that - I think there are some problems with Rust right now - considering the posts about it freezing PCs up after quitting.

Rust is really intensive on my computer suddenly (in the last week or so). Even before I enter a server my PC heats up and fan turns on high. Is there a bug making Rust do intensive actions on the server starting screen?

Rust’s optimization is just non-existent. And it causes many PC problems when playing it.
Developers should hand out refunds for broken hardware because of Rust.

that is so funny XD
It’s your problem if you want to play rust XD
You could ask for a game refund, but that’s it XD

careful, that’s slander without definitive proof.

If you mean this literally, this is not true. They have done a lot of work on optimization but they still need to do more, and you could say the game is not well-optimized. And it does seem like the current build of the game has some pretty big issues than can cause problems.

I would contact Facepunch privately if you are serious about asking for compensation or a refund. Discussing or debating this with random players on the forums sounds like a bad idea. Facepunch is a good company - just talk to them if you think you have a valid point.

A program shouldn’t be able to do damage to your hardware. It shouldn’t be able to cause bluescreens or shutdowns. We don’t have that kind of hardware access.

If it does this suggests a problem with the drivers more than anything else. Drivers are the only thing that have the access to cause a bluescreen.

There’s no RequestMoreAmpsFromPowerSupply() functions.

Nobody is saying there’s a Unity function that can break someones hardware and that you’re using it.
So, while your comment is funny, it’s not informative, and certainly not professional. Sorry.

Programs can sure do hardware problems, hardware tearing, or even breakdowns

I’ve also experienced some issues with my computer this Sunday, after playing Rust for some 6 hours or so, in a row.
I won’t go much into details, I’ll only say that “my video drivers crashed” and a restart fixed the issue.
No, it’s not a driver issue.

**To the OP **- possible causes that are not related to the game itself:
It’s summer time, weather is hot, and computers are full of dust

  • clean your computer
  • use temperature measuring programs, like GPU-Z

Hardware is dying, and you just happen to be playing Rust at the time it does

  • report the problem to your seller if you have warranty, if not, start saving for replacement hardware

Electricity issues:

  • invest money in a good power supply (most important part of the box), power surge protection (must have), or even an UPS (highly recommended)

Hope it helps.

Ok let’s be honest here, if this guy really wanted to play games he wouldn’t spend that much on CPU rather than GPU. Like seriously, who actually still uses Radeon HD Graphics, I mean, it’s bad enough that he’s relying on AMD GPU’s for gaming, but he had to get the worst ones out there. At least get R9 for gaming if your gonna get AMD…

Rust does push the video card pretty hard, but you can’t blame a piece of software for causing hardware issues like this. Odds are your aftermarket cooler/case airflow wasn’t doing enough to cool your card’s voltage regulators. I had one pop on my AMD 7870 a couple of months back, while playing Rust; magic smoke escaped… My fault though :frowning:

Just because your temps look OK, doesn’t mean every component on your system is below its rated max temperature.

Ahh good old AMD, it’s always bound to explode at some point or another.

It’s good they’re still around. I’d bet things wouldn’t have come nearly as far as they have CPU/GPU wise, if Intel and Nvidia didn’t have the competition.

AMD isn’t competition, they just rebrand 7 year old GPUs and say that they are the latest and greatest lol. Only thing they are good for is regulating prices of other stuff…

Haha, you’re such a troll. GG :wink: