Rust causing Powser Surges

If I don’t crank my GPU fan to its max settings while playing Rust, my GPU (AMD R9 270) will overheat and cause the system to shut down / blue screen. It’s not dust, dirt, etc. I have good cooling; water cooled CPU and multiple case fans including one large fan that blows directly on the video card. And I don’t have any dust bunnies trapping heat either. My PC is clean.

Rust is the only game that runs my GPU this hot; roughly 20ºC higher than any other game. And I’m not the only who’s reported this issue. Over the last few months, there have been a lot of people saying this. Unfortunately, people dismiss it as bad hardware, poor cooling, “because AMD”, etc and the threads die rapidly.

That said, the OP here is seriously overstating his issues. My guess is he’s experiencing the same issue that many others are but potentially doesn’t have enough cooling to prevent the cards from overheating.

I also have pretty high end laptop, and my lap is burning while playing Rust!

Just wondering, but most of the hardware specifications so far have included AMD GPU when they’ve had some sort of temperature/crashing problems… Just a shot in the dark, but doesn’t this suggest something isn’t quite working between Rust and AMD GPU? Drivers for example…?

That’s quite possible. But considering Rust is the only game that causes this seems to point to there being an issue either in the code itself, because every other piece of software seems to talk to AMD cards without this issue. Yes, nVidia is typically faster and runs cooler, but you’re generally talking differences in the single digit percentages, not the wild differences we see with Rust. If you can only reproduce a particular issue in one strict set of circumstances, then usually the wildcard factor that’s changed tends to be the problem, not the other way around.

And as an aside, I’ve played The Forest, which runs the same engine as Rust. Its graphics are more detailed with a lot more entities on the map. I can run that at max detail consistently over 60 fps (getting close to 90 fps at times) without any overheating issues. Yet I struggle to get 30 fps on Rust and my GPU overheats like mad when I run it.

Rust graphics aren’t terribly detailed or complex compared to other games out there. Yet, it can bring high end machines that can run 100+ fps on much more graphically depamding game to their knees (regardless of the GPU manufacturer) indicates that there’s something wrong in the code, whether that is acknowldged by the devs or not.

Personally, I think the performance and overheating issues are related.

Dude, your CPU has better built in graphics than both your cards combined, you might aswell chuck your GPUs in a cardboard box and sell them for $5 each at a garage sale and use your built in graphics lol :hurr:

Anyone that thinks Rust is their GPU problem should try running a burn in benchmark like FurMark for a while and see what happens. If you’re over heating or under volting it’s because something is physically broken. Not saying Rust isn’t placing high demands on the system, just saying the system should be able to do it’s best to meet those demands without turning itself off or melting.

Not only is Rust intensive, it has become a lot more intensive on my PC in the last month. Something in the code is not written correctly. I am on an Intel card.

They will figure it out. But I have to say, Facepunch, something in Rust is causing the problems with the PCs having trouble after quitting Rust. It is not all those people’s PCs that are suddenly broken. It might still be a small percent of Rust players, but it is still Rust doing something wrong.

The problem is real:

If you talk about Rust Experimental - Then wait until it is not anymore Beta/Experimental. The game causing lags/crashes etc because it isn’t finished.

This is exactly the right time to find bugs like this and fix them. Players should speak up, and no one should have to play a game that crashes or freezes their computer. Nothing wrong with asking them to fix this.

No one is forced to play rust, if your afraid you machine won’t handle it don’t play.

So we should not help the devs optimizing the game by giving feedback?

The issues with the Windows becoming unresponsive after using Rust is separate from this issue. That one is a real Rust problem. This here is a case of hardware getting it’s ass kicked and some of said hardware not being able to take it.