Rust cheaters and/or Admin Abuse

I wanted to share my Rust experience with you guys a bit.

I have about 200 hours logged into Rust, but it’s been a love-hate relationship. The game itself I enjoy, yes it’s alpha, yes there are bugs, but we still play it because it’s still quite fun, sometimes :wink:

What’s been bugging me lately is the cheaters and admin abuse that seems to dominate the community. Never has a game made me throw my arms up in desperation so much because of this.

Literally every single server I’ve tried to establish a base on, has been hacked and/or admin-abused. You spend 15-20 hours on a server making a decent base, only to have someone walk through your 10 metal doors on each side and steal your hard earnings. I tried not giving up, I persisted and found other servers in hopes that this wouldn’t be the main theme in my Rust experience, without any luck unfortunately. 200 hours of building a base, getting your stuff stolen while all your doors are closed and intact, change servers, rinse, repeat.

I don’t think I can do this for another 200 hours though. I really do enjoy the game but it defaults to a complete waste of time when this happens. The amount of cheating in this game is definitely a problem, and unless something is done about it, I only see experiences like mine reoccurring. The cheating is also a bit “harsher” than lets say getting cheated on in a FPS game. The worst thing that happens to you in that situation is you die; you don’t lose stuff that took you 20 hours to farm, and we can all agree that gathering and farming is a HUGE part of Rust.

Those are my 2 cents and my experience with Rust. I know that some of you have had better moments than I, and I know that some will suffer the same fate I did, but if this game intends to survive, it really needs to address this problem.

It also has a snowball effect: There are some players out there who get fed-up with getting cheated on and download a Rust cheat out of spite. I’ll never stoop so low and do that myself, but these things do happen. I’m also convinced that the DDOS attacks are related to this. Someone gets fed-up of getting cheated on, DOSes the server.

A simple google search of “Rust cheaters” will show just how dominant this problem is. I’ve read countless posts on here and on the Steam forums where people are having the same issues.

Feel free to post an IP of your server if you think I would have a better experience there! I’m not going to do this for another 200 hours, but I haven’t given up entirely - yet :wink:

The thing is many time people just suppose X is a hacker because he headshots them most of the times which might simply be just skill . I stopped at about 890hrs (played a few yesterday and today because a friend joined and I wanted to teach him the basics) and it’s true I met some cheaters some abusive admins but not that many as some complain about . Just join servers that have a good reputation and if you don’t know any simply go and play a few hours on each decently populated server and see how it is or google them , it’s impossible not to find a few good ones

I did not talk about aimbots in my post. Makes me wonder if you actually read it. I also have a fair bit of experience with differentiating bots and skill; I’ve been gaming competitively since 1999, was #37th in the world for Unreal Tournament CTF, hit #1 on 3 different UT leagues (PG, OGL, IGL) and beat Fatal1ty in Quake Live (Demos to prove it) etc…

What I was referring to was people walking through your doors, 10 doors on each side, just to steal the stuff it took you 20-30 hours to farm.

The aimbots I can deal with; sure I’m dead, but I get to respawn in my base with my storage boxes still intact.

“it’s impossible not to find a few good ones”
I never said it was impossible, but I have yet to find one, and I have 200 hours logged.

As you requested. Still low pop but would like to get more steady members.



As to your situation I do not know if its cheating or someone doing something more vicious ive read about. People can blow up your doors / door frames and put their own doors and set it to unlock so when u open them you wont know the difference. If you try to change code it wont let you so you know its not your door. Also people can break / replace walls as well so not sure if this is the issue.

Or in the end it may be cheaters / admin abuse as well. If you decide to check out my server you wont have that problem, I am the only admin. Slow weaps / drops so its a longer game play and u wont get every item in game in 2 hrs. Economy system with level requirement so not abused. AD at 5 players til pop blooms. No c4 so raiding wont be as bad until people have loads of grenades.

Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t implying that you were lying or whining etc when I said “it’s impossible not to find a few good ones” As I stopped playing I can’t really tell you which one is good now sadly but when I return if you still are in trouble of finding one and I do I will send u a message with the address .

Here’s my two cents.

Pre-alpha with extremely weak anti-cheat and most easy glitches, there’s no way to get around this. Cheaters are part of the game, on every server, there are just servers with admins who ban everybody as soon as someone accuses them of cheating (because mew mew he made a headshot and I suck so much at Rust that everybody else is just cheating), servers with no admins at all (hacker’s playground) or servers with admins who actually care about the truth and facts. All three kinds have advantages and disadvantages.

Admin abuse… Rust is MADE for admin abuse. You have ridiculous tools that have absolutely no justification of being there to HELP (eg. Uber Hunting Bow) and at the same time you have nothing that would actually help you as an admin. Players can’t see what admins do through RCON because there’s no active chat messages. This very quickly leads to players who rent Rust servers for THEM, to be admin and use all the fancy tools. Most Rust servers I’ve been to are run by admins who made the server, just so they can be admin on their own server. There are very few servers with admins who run their servers for the players. This is an issue if everybody can just rent a server for 10$ by using mommys credit card, so you have a lot of mentally irresponsible admins. Most admins will say “they have 100+ hours rust admin experience” to sound more trusty but all it says is that they have learned to do admin abuse without anyone really noticing. (We have designed our admin tools to be very talkative so users can see exactly what’s going on, just to prevent this way too easy to abuse rcon system. Also our admins don’t have RCON at all :P)

I think the Rust community is by far one of the most immature communities, even Hello Kitty Online has smarter players than Rust (I know because I played it, and I am not even kidding). I very much hope that rust servers will be more expensive at external hosts and that you can just host your own server on your dedicated server, which prevents a lot of children to run their own deceitful server.

What’s your server?

That could be a possibility, only the last time “this” happened to me (last night), I saw the guy walking through the doors with my own eyes. I was cooking fragments and all of a sudden this character walks through my wall. He didn’t even bother to shoot me, he just took my stuff, destroyed my bed, and walked through my walls and doors and left. Knowing he could do this at anytime, I saw no point in staying in the server.

Thanks for reading and replying all. Also thank you for the server IP, I will definitely check it out.

We have 10 admins. We don’t abuse. My ban list is at about 1000. We don’t allow players with vac bans or family share accounts. I’m also a Private Investigator in RL so I go through a lot of profiles and usually catch people playing on new accounts when their main has a ban. I also moved the server to a better location in Montreal and enabled DDOS protection. Wipes last anywhere from 5-14 days depending on pop. We cap out at 100 everyday some wipes, and some we may float at 30-50, depends on how many join. We also moderate chat as best we can and try and keep the shitheads from spamming and acting ignorant. You’re welcome to come check us out, or don’t, whatever. We don’t do airdrops for 24 hours after a wipe. Admins play, but we don’t spawn anything for ourselves, and we don’t raid all that much, and don’t use knowledge from tp’ing to assist us in raids. Usually just hit a small base once in a while for fun.

Sounds like something I’d like to try, thank you, I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

What happens if I raid an admin base after making progress and the admin gets mad? I’ve never been on a community server because I worry about things like that. However, the official server hack fest is becoming unplayable.

Then you get whats inside with no repercussions. I usually make a 1x2 on the fist day out in the sticks, then after a few days i might farm up for a small tower in hangar. But admins are fair game. We’re all adults so it’s not a big deal. We may be doing a fresh wipe tomorrow for a nice fresh friday.

Thanks for posting your IPs guys, however if it has wipes every week or two, I most likely won’t play on it; It more-or-less brings me back to my original problem of spending 20+ hours getting stuff and then have it all taken away from you.

If you’re digging a hole and someone simultaneously puts the dirt back into the hole, how long will you keep digging for? :wink: I can tolerate the redundancy of that for only so long.

I’m not judging those who like playing like that, it’s just not my thing :slight_smile:

I’m also not specifically looking for a no-wipe server, but something over a month would be reasonable?

Thanks again for all your replies :slight_smile:

Unfortunately that’s the state of the game right now. The servers that don’t wipe are going to be barren, and if there isn’t anyone on, that means it’s going to be boring, not have any admins on when you need them and a hacker can come through and have a field day.

The populated servers, people usually look for freshly wiped servers right before the weekend. After 3-4 days, certain groups get powerful and will raid people, and those people leave the server and find a new one. Then the group that does the raiding gets bored and stops logging in so often.

Until the new version of rust, that’s just how it is. If you want active, non-abusing admins and a good population, it’s not going to last very long. 2 weeks tops. Hopefully the devs implement featurs to slow down the c4 progression.

I’m considering not having any airdrops the next wipe to see how that works out.

You raise valid points.

I have been lucky in certain instances and found a few populated servers that don’t wipe often, who have active admins, however I was still subject to hacking eventually, which made me leave.

Regardless if I try to ignore the negative aspects with almost blind optimism, I still find myself in a rut. I’m ok with that in a way though, the game’s in alpha stage.
Feel free to check out our system and ask an admin/mod to demonstrate.

Plus you only have 200 hours, so things are still relatively new. I was the same way. I hated playing on a server for a few days and having it wipe or losing all my shit. Finally I just got my own so at least i dont have to worry about the hackers. When you’re newer, having that big bad ass base is fun, but as time goes on, you’ll learn to be more efficient with your build. My group, we can get a great safe base setup fairly quickly and usually all of the blueprints in the game learned the first night except for explosives. Everyone has their own playstyle. If you want a smaller server to sandbox with and just have a base and hunt and collect resources, that’s great, but most players want some action. We have a couple large groups on my server, but they hate wipes too, so they have learned to slow it downa little and not raid everyone ASAP.