Rust Clan/Gaming Community?

Hey guys just wondering if i were to make a Rust Clan/Gaming community would you be interested in joining?

why not? playing togeather is always good hehe, and its hard to ge killed, once i can actually play this game, because we cant buy it yet, i will join ya np :slight_smile:

Have you forgotten that you’ve gotten a key to alpha test Rust? Alpha testers don’t form clans, they file bug reports.

dude…dont ruin everyones fun…if they want to make a clan AND TEST the game…are you going to stop them?

Please don’t start making clans - this isn’t Call of Duty. Playing in groups is fine though.

to be honst there are groups all ready formed on the alpha , luckly for me the group im with , we dont really play , we just look for bugs XD

Are you dumb, really?
There is 3,967 and do you think that garry want them all to be alpha testers?
I mean, If garry want people to alpha test, then he would only give a key to a few guys, people who will test and not play.

Of course some one them search for bugs and it’s easier to find bugs with alot of players,
but really?
you’re supposed to spread the game, also test it but also enjoy the game.

You must be a troll otherwise you’re dumb as fuck.

Since when ‘clans’ became a privilege to Call of Duty?
There have been clans since Ultima Online. Hell, Most of Runescape’s population was consisted of clans.


What is that even supposed to mean?

Just little groups among friends. Not 30+ people

what if you have 30 friends

Except for most of the playerbase of Rust - a clan is going to be the ‘Call of Duty’ type of clan structure.

There are massive groups/clans in the game. They go raiding, get supplies, they play the freaking game as it’s meant to be played atm. If killing on sight wasn’t supposed to happen. Then it wouldn’t have weapons. If raiding wasn’t supposed to happen, grenades and C4 wouldn’t be in the game.

I’m not against groups of players - but if you start naming them clans, the majority of this playerbase will perceive it as more of a ‘biggest dick’ kind of competiton in which the clan which makes the most stupid 360-noscope youtube videos wins some kind of non-existant award.

Don’t know why people make a big deal out of it.If a player wants to make a clan/group/army I don’t care.If that’s what they want,thats their decision.Despite the raids and territory.They believe in groups in numbers.So chill out guys

Boo hoo.
If somebody wants to call their group a “clan”, get over it instead of whining about 1 word.
He is asking if people want to join their group, and you are flaming him over saying “clan”

Just call it a guild then, or a kingdom, or any other thing which means LARGE POPULATION OF PEOPLE DOING THE SAME THING TO ACHIEVE THE SAME GOAL. “Aka gamers who enjoy raiding group with gamers who enjoy raiding” but it’s okay Sockem, that tool will not understand.

doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it.

Also, forming a clan would help test how it is to play with large groups which obviously will happen when the game releases, So technically the Clans are Testing the game. “Giant cities/structures and how they lag etc”