Rust Clan [NAZI] is Recruiting!

Please delete this thread

lol what

you posted the schema of your base? ok…

Aaah, good old nazis. Those guys were real jokers.

I’ll give your steam group 2-3 days before it gets shut down for being offensive.

The name has been changed, we now have 2 members

Oh wow guys, better watch out, two whole members! :v: We are talking total anal annihilation here.

I’m very eager to know what the new name is. Probably Kim Jong Un.

Can any one help me and tell me y i cant click on any servers to play on i can start the game just cant click on a server to start playing

That’s where the magical “New Thread” button comes in.

Hint: It’s blue!

KKK because you know… That’s funny to right?

Oh darn, didn’t think of that one.

“Oh ho ho ho, I am so edgy being so racist like this, people will think I am so cool and join my clan right away!”

Just let them have their NAZI clan and it will literally be like a “Kill us on sight” tag… They wont get anywhere… lol :dance:

I don’t know, Lethality, they have two whole members, they seem to be gaining support really quickly!

Gaining support like a potato tells time.:suicide:

B–but potatoes can kind of tell time!