Rust Clan RaG3 Recruting

A pretty new clan plays on official facepunch #1 server with Kevlar helmet missing other than that we have nearly full Kevlar we have all guns researched and basically just cant wait to get going round raiding people in group if your intrested join the group then add the admin RaG3| uMADbro! so hope to see you and play you soon!

Group (clan):

sounds like a console clan… oh wait deja vu

iv been told that before :slight_smile:

Given your username, clan name, clan motives, and the fact you are making a clan in rust;

gonna have to pass

I would highly suggest moving your thread to here. Please read the rules before advertising for a clan.

no problem mate

and your community page has troll face unplug your internet cables please

the rules thread has been closed so there is no certain place you have to post

the rules thread is closed so people don’t post in it, not because those rules are inactive…

i know :slight_smile:

Well shit, why would they do that lol. Why not just make a Groups/Clans subforum like they did for servers?

because i dont need many more people im only going up to about 20-25

Because there is no competitive value to this game at all. Making clans obsolete, useless. People should form groups in the form of settlements, like the game suggests.

You act like 20-25 is not a lot wtf? Thats like 30% of a population of a decent pop server lmfao? Try imagining gearing up 20-25 people in raid ready gear. Your sights are a bit too high grasshopper.

Not you again. I think FP got enough of you in that “highlander team recruit” thread.

please fuck off thank you

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iv got like 7sets of kevlar

Added you.

I hope your clan isn’t retarded.