RUST CLAN recruitment Gaming Community Etc.

Basicly Im trying to start a gaming community This is the first time Hosting One
Will also be changing the Theme of the forums.

But Im having a gaming Community For the following games AT the moment

WarZ/Infestation Survival Story’s

Current Games We got for DESO clan.

To join go to this website
Clan format Will be there as well
We have multiple Moderators / Admins daily on the forums and in games!
From joining our clan You get the following

Prem Access To the clans Warz Private server.

Need Extra things for the following


Please consider Joining Our gaming community :smiley:

Teamspeak to Talk to the owners If im in a diff channel Poke me



If you’ve having to bump your stupid recruiting thread twice, that should probably signal to you that no one is interested buddy boy

especially when first bump was within 4 hours, second bump in 10.

I’m such a beeeaaast


lol blackrain -_-

Now your just being an idiot, Good Day Sir

yet you insult people Who doesn’t give a shit U obv don’t know im ignoring your ass 24/7 right?

Apparently not…you just quoted him and showed him how angry you are.

Your clan looks bad to me
You should know more about facepunch before posting such stuff in here :v:

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u obv dont know how to spell very well

Do us all a favor son and stay in school
Date of Birth September 20, 1998 (15)