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I had this idea a little while ago and I want to give it another shot. This idea stems from a discussion in one of my other threads. I propose that we have some elements found in RPGs in rust for a little customization of character as well as allowing you to pick multiple routes for survival, namely through a class system. I have multiple different ideas on how this could work out, but I am completely open for any and all criticisms and suggestions you guys might have, so feel free to give your input. First off, I feel that a new method of crafting should be made (that is better discussed in my other thread.) The RPG part of this is that you could pick a “class” that you want to specialize in. This allows you to have benefits in a certain area.
For example, you could choose to play as:

The survivalist is the guy who knows his way around the wilderness. He knows his way around, and is arguably more determined to live than any other man.
-Bandages and Medkits can be crafted somewhat faster, and are slightly more efficient, plus they cost slightly less to craft.
-Can tank a little more damage than other players (Having a base HP of 120-150 instead of 100.)
Appearance: has a more “weathered” look to the character: looks dirty but experienced.

The gunner is exactly like he sounds, a gun nut. He knows his way around firearms and knows how to use them very well and very efficiently.
-Gun crafting recipes slightly reduced, and crafts slightly faster. Ammo still costs the same, however.
-Being an experienced shooter, accuracy is slightly increased, along with less bullet spread, and range is also slightly increased. To balance, the gunner has a lower rate of fire with weapons, to make each shot count.
Appearance: Exactly like a gun nut looks: carrying massive firearms and having bandoliers loaded with ammo over his chest.

This class is experienced at building and construction. If you plan on having a giant mansion overlooking the water, then this is your guy!
-Crafting parts for wood and metal houses is slightly decreased, and crafts slightly faster.
-All parts made by the engineer/builder are of the highest quality. To damage them with weapons or explosives, more must be used. If you want to be less raidable, this is definitely the way to go!
Appearance: Unsure, but looks like he knows a lot about building! :v:

This guy you do not want to fuck around with. He knows his way around explosives, and he sure as hell knows how to use them.
-Explosives craft more quickly and cost less to craft (for C4 instead of 15 explosives only requires 12 or 10 perhaps?)
-Explosives have a larger radius and do not do damage to you like explosives for other classes. Damage is still the same however, and buildings still take the same amount to destroy.
Appearance: Looks like a madman. Can be seen with grenades strapped to a band around his chest.

While not necessarily a combat class, this guy knows how to get around, and quickly. He is in tip-top shape and really knows how to use those legs of his.
-Can run significantly faster than other classes, for running away from bears, or guys shooting at him.
-Cannot have his legs broken (but still can take fall damage, though significantly less)
-Consumes less calories while running
Appearance: significantly more skinny than the other players in rust. Easy to tell apart because he moves faster.

The hunter is sort of like the survivalist with a twist. He is a sneaky bastard and he knows how to be a silent yet efficient killer.
-Gathers more meat, cloth, and animal fat from killed animals
-Can shoot more accurately with the bow
-Does heavy damage if attacking with melee from behind. (could have special animations even, such as neck snapping when holding nothing.)
Appearance: similar to the survivalist; dirty and grungy, but his face is covered in camouflage paint to disguise him.

Another non-combat class, this guy is one bad ass mother fucker. He is strong as a bull and equally as vicious.
-Can carry more in his backpack than other classes.
-Does significantly heavier damage with melee weapons than anyone else
-Collects resources much quicker than anyone else
Appearance: total fucking beefcake. Has visible muscles (especially when shirtless)

While not necessarily a class, I thought I would add it in as a trait. The person who picks to have more luck:
-Scores critical hits more often
-Rarely gets 50% more resources when harvesting (150-ish wood from log piles instead of 100-ish)
-On rare occasion will take no damage from a bullet that hits them. Rarely happens, but could be a life saver

The All-Arounder
When you want the sampler, this is what you get. This guy is skilled, a jack-of-all-trades. However, his knowledge only goes so far. He gets benefits from each of the classes, but it is divided evenly, that is, he gets much less in each, but still get a nice little boost. If you want a play style where you are just there for the experience, this is likely the way to go.

So that about sums it all up, give me your thoughts, comments, praise, suggestions, or tell me I am a fucking retard. Thanks! :downs:


You didn’t even read it :v: I just put it up xD thanks though!

It would be cool if the classes player models had traits like, strongarm being much bigger.

I love games with classes but to make sure there is no OP classes keep it to a basics like, light foot no broken legs, strong arms more backpack,demo faster crafting ect ect

Well I did list out some appearances to the characters, so you know who is who around the world. Strongarm would have visible muscles, for example.

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I tried to make it so that you get a different experience each way there is to play, plus you get to survive the way you want to. If you play as demolitions, you likely will be a raider to survive (e.g., surviving on others by stealing.) or if you are a gunner, you want right in the PvP action and kill people around the world to gather their resources.

im a class? SAAAWEEET

HAHA! I saw you lurking the thread and totally saw that coming. Dare I guess what class you would be? :downs:

I like this idea. It reminds me of Team Fortress 2 a bit, and I think it might work very well in Rust. Survivalist should also get bonuses to hunting animals (extra meat and such)

I was about to add that actually, think that a different class, such as a hunter should get benefits such as more cloth from animals though. (Just added it, take a look :smile:) Things should really take a turn in one direction for the benefits. It should make you really think hard about how you want to play the game. No matter what you get a survival experience, but there is ALWAYS multiple ways to survive, it isn’t just a straight shot. Also, to be honest, I was going for more of a Fallout-style, not Team Fortress 2, but now that you mention it, it kinda does feel like that, except you aren’t restricted to a certain loadout, you can still carry anything, you just have benefits depending on the class you choose.

It’s not a mmo. idea like character cusomiztion is better. Make your guy thin to sprint faster heavy to take a lil less damage or a lil more health. Things like that. not classes.

Why can’t people suggest good things that would work with the current game. I can’t tell you how much having to pick my class would pull me out of immersion with the game. this is a horrible idea and just wouldn’t work good with the game.

I think spawning and being able to pick from a few random traits would be more fun, something like:

Trait 1, Trait 2, Trait 3

Pick one, get another 3 traits, etc until some limit or something.
Make it fast and the traits simple so once you die you can roll with some new random traits and get going again.

jonny mad all of your ideas are pure genius. I dont think i could play another game if rust had these classes along with your seasons idea. just pure awesomeness

I find the classes thing to be pointless and would ruin the immersion of the game, something that would make more sense is, you probably didn’t guess it… Experiance! No I don’t mean little points that pop up but prolonged exposure or repeated actions of something, it would also reward the survival of the fittest, example: Your character has survived for 5 months and over time has become used to the recoil of the m4 in turn you’re more accurate with it then a fresh spawn, or you’ve collected enough resources to the point where your character has learned little tips and tricks to give you a bit more from a deposit (I.E. instead of 4 stones from 1 rock get 5 nothing huge and game breaking.) Same could go with crafting, you’ve made enough m4’s to supply an army! You now know the exact amount of metal you’d need so you don’t haveto waste any precious resources ( -1 or 2 low quality metal to make the weapon.) It’s simple things like this that would add to the game and make you want to survive.

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I love your idea, and i have something in mind too.

Imo we would not need to select a class. We would have all these skills, but they would upgrade.

(Ex. if i shoot someone with a gun, i would get some gunner XP (not much tho, so it wouldnt get OP)
if i build a foundation i would get some Builder’s XP)

Soz for my english. ^^

Bad Idea.

Why don’t you assign each class an occupation. It is as if you are giving your character some backstory, the gunner could be a soldier, the builder could be a construction worker etc. Would fit the game a little bit better. Also you can call them Backgrounds instead of classes, so people don’t go yelling about turning Rust into an mmo. As long as all this things are passive traits i like the idea.

Fair enough, thanks for your reply.

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Not sure I quite follow, care to elaborate?

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Could be a nice alternative if this continues to get negative reviews :smile: thanks for your input!

Thanks for all the replies guys, it looks like the community is rather split down the middle on this idea. That likely means that this won’t happen. Please, if you disagree with me and think this is stupid, I request you at least take the time to modify my idea, because I think that this or something similar to this could really make rust into a unique survival game.

The only problem is we don’t need another thing that will favor people who play more. Thats why this wouldn’t work, while good on paper and it works in single player rpgs for something like rust it would make the game extremely frustrating.