Rust Client Not working can any one help me please?

when i go on to the brand new steam client i loads up and functions but there is no servers for me does anyone know how to fix this

video showing you -

Same for me to

Try disabling firewalls.

That is fairly dodgy, not saying your dodgy but it just then means less security ;-;

We need to figure out what the problem is in order to fix it.

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Besides, it won’t harm your PC while you play anyway.

Disabling the firewall to see if that is the problem isn’t dodgy. Disable it, test Rust, re-enable afterward. If it works with a disabled firewall, then that’s the problem and you can try to figure out how to modify the firewall (such as port forwarding) to get it to work. If it still fails to work, then you would then know it’s not the firewall.