Rust Client Version

I’m not really satisfied with that web player solution. Is there a Rust client version coming in the future?

What do you guys think… Web player or client version?

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Web player for sure

I think the game needs its own launcher, to make it more fluent and easier to use.

The reason we use webplayer is because it’s easier to update and shit. Wait for it to get more polished and then ask for an .exe

Are you a dev?

Although I agree with your post, there is actually a reason on why they use a web player. It says on the FAQ
Why are you using the web player?
“Quick iteration, quick deployment, portable, accessible.”

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Dude, his names blue, like yours and mine, and he’s got 80 posts. Use your brain for god sake.

No i’m not a developer. By “We” I meant us, the players.

How exactly will that make the game easier to use? It seems pretty easy right now, you just go to, choose a server, and play. What would be different on a .exe?

One misconception is that making it a launchable EXE will magically make the game faster (someone was complaining about this in the chat).

This isn’t the case.

Webplayer = .exe file

Make a .exe version of the game will not help with “slow” game. Unity engine is a unity engine and nothing can help with it.

You could always not use the unity engine. There’s something you can help with.

By asking if there is going to be a executable version of the game i can only assume you have not read the sticky.

This game does need a client


It’s a little late for that. The Unity engine isn’t as terrible as people think, it’s just this game isn’t hugely optimized nor does it have good lighting or graphics, they’re not focusing on that yet.