Rust Clone: Out of Reach, Clone or inspired by?

See for yourself,

“Fight cold and hunger
The first enemy to encounter after surviving the storm will be your own body. Even the tropical forests have rainy days and cold nights… at least for a castaway in shorts. Searching for a shelter to stay over night could be almost as essential as finding food before someone considers you as something to eat.
Deal with inhabitants
Although the archipelago was considered deserted before ships started to crash into sea rocks nearby, every kind of area on the island has its natural inhabitants who just don’t give a warm welcome. Thinking twice every time before moving ahead could be one of the smartest things to do.”

The Building style is interesting, though it does look more like Legacy Rust, yet limited in weaponry…

Looks interesting, Highlight would be burning down someones Building…

This looked like it would actually be better than rust but after watching the video, it’s absolute shit


Well, its a Rust Legacy clone with siege weapons and prettier graphics…

Minus the firearms (apparently) but that isn’t automatically a bad thing.

Could be fun.

I think the building system is better than Rust Legacy, the game itself seems limited in what you can do.

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Could be fun yeah, especially burning down peoples homes when you get hold of the home ownership item.

You could be talking about Life is Feudal, here.

Good luck to them, they’re welcome to try absorbing the impact of the lowest common denominator of the Rust fanbase, which is what they’re shooting for, it seems.

More competition is good, and there’s only one Rust at the end of the day.

Sadly life is feudal doesn’t have siege weapons yet.

Agreed, I played Life is Feudal for a couple of days but eventually came back to Rust.

Their indieagogo or whatever its called failed to reach its goal afaik. The main things that turned me off…
-60% of their need was paying for servers internationally as they wanted to control the servers vs letting the community make their own.
-Like 90% of the other survival games they are using Unity. I know, I know, this isn’t bad in itself, but all the engine issues we see, why would theirs be any different?

Beasts of Prey is the closest to what legacy was from what I have played, with major care bearing though.

While we are here, and I won’t directly link to it, but look on Kickstarter for a project called, “Empyrion - Galactic Survival”. Its like Rust meets Space Engineers meets No Man’s Sky. I backed it, but Im not seeing any press about it, and I don’t want them to fail their goal. Seriously, give it a gander, its different enough from Rust to not be another clone nor direct competition.

I played it for a few weeks. What stopped me was implementing a government. We had a group of about 30 and had been doing fine for a month, getting along. Then one day we decided to make a government with a council. Within 1 hour(yes 1 hour) of it being implemented the whole group imploded going at each others throats on teamspeak. Things were said that couldn’t be unsaid. I still get chills thinking about it.

haha something similar happened to me, i found a good area up in the north west near the lake and mountain, started setting things up and invited some friends to come build, the group just got larger when i was away, for a day or two due to game bugs, by the time i came back it had expanded to 30-40 people, and had been raided, this discouraged most players who had settled there they then decided to band together else where and rebuild!. Like that would make a difference! After that incident i gave up and went back to Rust.

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had a look at Empyrion - Galactic Survival, not bad, reminds me of the I-Novae Studios Infinity Battlescape, this project has been around for years.

Rust whit a little more Life is Feudal on it, is my dream mate…

The Survival Games Trailer for Greenlight - YouTube THE FINAL STAND…seems very interesting

but i still say 7 days to die is the best out of all. just a few things was holding it back like minimum players on one server. but the new update that is coming says they are fixing alot of that.
tons optimizations.
oh man the raiding on 7 days to die. good times)

That does look interesting, i like the meteorites falling from the sky.

Not seeing it. That game looks like just a space and planet sim versus a whole survival and build what you need, how you need.

KKB: Thanks for the heads up on that The Final Stand. That does look intense! Has some of the ideas some of us at the BoP forums have been pushing for (gliders and meteorites or volcanic fallout)

That video made me remember this.

i think rust has got excellent graphics i havent had it long but very impressed, i always find clones never are as good as the original. :wink:

You haven’t had it long, but know enough to praise Revolt hosting? Do you have a server?

what is wrong im sick of people giving me abuse because i have a revolt server what is your problem.
can an admin please sort this out if not close my account i will go elsewhere that is the third attack to day because i find revolt very good up to now.

Revolt has pissed many off on this forum due to a previous fight between them and facepunch. The long and the short is that the stole a key for the game back in the day when it was required to have server rentals. Then the owner tried for days to justify his theft on this forum with a bunch of crap about how its ok cause hes a good guy and his company cares about people of some similar shit! Its a big drama but IMO the owner of revolt was wrong then and they are still dirt bags,

And the fact that your newly created account posted something positive about Revolt is more than a little suspicious.