Rust combat system should look like this.


Keep an eye out for the combat. This is what i think belongs in the game. With such an emphasis on pvp I think Rust should take some tips from Dying Light.

So here is what I have in mind:

-A dodge ability is added, by double taping your movement keys your character will either sidestep to the right or left, etc. This will be useful for dodging incoming attacks
-A power attack is added, by holding the button you perform a slow more powerful attack
-A counter-attack it added, a random button appears and if you click it you will deflect the attack and stun your opponent. You cannot counter power attacks
-You can push your enemy back
-More melee weapons are added such as the spear, machete and club
-Weapons can be thrown, such as the hatchet or spear
-You can use a peek-mechanic when behind cover with your gun
-You can also bash with a gun knocking players back AND stunning them
-Guns can potentially jam when you reload them

Why should this be put in the game?

The combat currently in the game isn’t very skill based. It is completely about who has the bigger stick. It should take into consideration who is swinging the stick, not just who’s is bigger. This would make skilled players a bigger success rate when starting out and make combat more exticing and intense than two guys standing still stabbing the shit out of each other. Tell me what you guys think!

I have to disagree(some), I have beaten guys with full Kevlar and M4’s while I only have leather and a P250.
This game is very skilled base (only on aim though). Maybe if they did add some extra combat maneuvers that would create some dimension to the game.

I just flat out disagree. Daniel, it just seems to me that you want to play Dying Light, not Rust. This isn’t a parkour game. This is a base survival game with building elements.

*Generally in Rust if you get the drop on someone you will win that fight. (Not true in all cases, but the element of surprise plays a large role) – That or sheer numbers and better equipment. :slight_smile:

The combat system in the video is extremely unrealistic and would not be a viable option in any survival situation.
Trying any of those moves will get you killed within 10 minutes, I can tell you that.

What specifically do you disagree with?

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It would be much more grounded, check out the list i made.

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No parkour, i would just like something more advanced when it comes to combat. It isn’t too exciting in my opinion. It is a pvp game. And it would be a little disappointing if the only thing you could do in a pvp game in stand in place while to chop the shit out of someone. Again, just my opinion.

This is RUST. Not Dying Light.

Obviously. It is just an example of a more advanced combat system in a zombie game that works.

Looks like Mirrors Zombie Edge.

That’s the first thing that came to my mind.

On your original points I grasp what you mean, but I’d tone it back.
Simply being able to Strife at full speed would be enough. I never understood why games
let you run at full speed straight forward or turning the mouse at ANY speed, but the moment you tap the A or D key you break sprint… Makes no damn sense at all.

I get hosed by amazing long distance head shots constantly and I do not even stand still. So I’ll say when Alpha is over with and some form of cheat protection is in we can worry about other mechanics :slight_smile:

Zombies are not even a threat, and if you think you are going to get away from a full Kevlar guy with an m4 from jumping over him. You are wrong…

This isn’t a Zombie game.
Zombies are just place holders and won’t be around in the final stage of the game. So I’ve heard.

Most of the moves you listed would still get you killed within 10 minutes.
Dodging? Pushing enemies back? It doesn’t work like that in real life.
In real life, if you get close enough to push them back, it means you are close enough to get killed.

I played dying light, the combat is nowhere near as fun as it looks (it’s pretty terrible)

Also having all those moves in a multiplayer game is not going to work for many reasons

What do you have in mind about butting the person with your gun? I hope you’re not thinking of something like that shitty mechanic in NS2

Why does this guy keep having combat system threads that get murdered with disagrees

Damn… this games pre alpha is better than Rust’s Alpha haha