Rust Combat - turns to fast and hard to shoot ppl!!!

Hey guys, watching this video, it’s actually so hard to kill people with the amount of sharp turning…

well duh , its a standard fps practice. the best way too kill people is to kos them with like a shot gun.

Yeah that’s true, but still wouldn’t it be nice if the turning speed was a little less sharp?

Turn your sensitivity down? Seriously?

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Would you prefer mouse smoothing? That way every time you try to aim at something it delays it’s start and delays it’s finish? That way you’ll have an excuse for being an awful shot…

Yea, turn off windows mouse acceleration, lower your sensitivity, buy a big mouse pad. I’m guessing you never played Counter Strike. It’s not an issue with RUST, it’s an issue with the way you’re playing FPS games.

Just play around 100 hours of counter strike and you will be all set!

But really, just lower the sensitivity and turn off acceleration.

The only problem the game has is desync issues in regards to “sharp turns”. It makes most shots even if dead on, not hit the target.

If you cannot shoot, stick to zombies.

Oh okay, thanks for the help guys!