Rust community and Rust is the future


Well, my first tip to remedy this particular problem is: Strength in numbers. Talk with people, forge some alliances and build together. It’s a survival game and like any you’re most vulnerable when you first spawn. However, you could find say a pistol and with some tact take out someone much more well off then you… It’s all part of these kinds of games. I do agree it can be annoying when first spawning and getting killed but I mean, as I said before, it’s part of the game. Find a server with some nice people and become a regular. That works for me. That plus I play with 2 other friends atm. Good luck out there!

Protip: Stay on Official servers if you want everybody to play legit. Stop complaining about getting killed as well. If you find a group of people or are actually careful and have a camp and aren’t a completely total noob then you will be fine. The game is nearly perfect.

Servers with abusive admins will get bad reputations and people will stop playing on them. Why is it Garry’s problem that a private server admin is screwing around with the server they’ve paid a hosting provider to play in?

I have only played the game for almost an hour so correct me if im wrong. The thing i feal is wrong at the moment is just that the map isnt big enough or the whole map isnt used enoough with materials, there is some areas where you can go frealy but doesnt have any rocks or animals so you eventually have to get to the clusterfuck to get to the good stuff, and there you will get killed almost instantly if you are new and by your self.

you really need to make friends to enjoy this game. its difficult to get ahead when youre alone for obvious reasons.

how many more of these rage posts are we gonna get lol? my group of 4 started fresh on a 70 player server, sure we got raped a few times to nothing but when we found a better location to stash our items we were in full kevlar and m4s in less than 4 hours.

I have to say one thing really, you say it’s not friendly for new players however I beg to differ, because I started playing this game maybe 5 days ago now and I am doing just fine. It’s just getting used to everything, at first I made a base that was way too easy to raid. But you learn from your mistakes, well you’re suppose to so you try alternatives and see if they still can get raided. In my opinion it’s a really fun game and my friends think the same about the game.

It is however a team game I would say, playing solo is definitely possible but way harder, so it’s best to get some friends to play the game with you. build a base together and defend each other. Start collecting resources and build some explosives etc or grenades go raid other people.

Also from the hour I played on the Dev test server Germany 1 is that a grenade will be way harder to craft soon, so the raiding will be less as well, that is if you know how to build :slight_smile: you will figure it out. There are always ways people can get in though, but that’s also the fun of the game.