Rust Community Content Thread.

Hello everybody. I have been hearing a lot about perhaps more focusing on elements in the natural world that can hurt us and such. Farming elements. And other great ideas that may take a while to get implemented into the game. So what i’m hoping here is to try and get people that know how to work with unity web player and such as I do not, and to have them create models, and even actually animations, and the coding for it also. It may be a bit to ask but if any of you are familiar with how unity works and what type of coding exactly rust uses, we could potentially help get larger updates and possibly faster updates. Sorry for the wall btw.

Idea?: List Idea here
Can you work on models?: If so please list yourself and wether or not we can use your help again.
Can you work on code?: If so please again list yourself and wether or not you would be able to help again.
Extra details you would like to add? Maybe concept art.:
Other thoughts:

Items take up space in your inventory based off their size

I’d like to see a weight limit on what you can carry. Maybe backpacks that can be crafted to increase that weight and limit these 1,000’s of items return runs.

Something along these lines, a foundation shouldn’t take up the same amount of space as a piece of paper

Idea?: Shovels
Can you work on models?: I could come up with rough creations.
Can you work on code?: *Not really, but i’m a fast learner. *
Extra details you would like to add? I would like if the shovel made it so you can forage for supplies in the ground, or dig a little temporary shelter ‘Hole’ Or something along those lines…
I would love a shovel to dig, and forage… :slight_smile:

What would be the main purpose of shovels? If implemented they can’t be able to dig too deep that would be ridiculous

This would also counter the recent trend of people that are trying to lock people in.
Some even just place wooden sheds + doors over people while they are moving.
(I’ve seen someone build an entire metal structure over someone’s head, just to lock them in)

If items had a size and weight, it wouldn’t be as effective to carry around 10 shelters and doors with the intention of locking people in them.

I 100% agree. I hope they plan on implementing a size AND weight system to the inventory

I feel that Rust is missing something and that is a post-apocalyptic theme. I feel that I am more inventory managing then actually surviving

Just mainly to dig at the ground, like you’d chop a tree…
Only for berries and such. like digging near bushes…
And as for the ‘Holes’ they’d need some sort of ‘Starting Foundation’ And would only really be able to go 1 level down, or smaller (In comparison to one level of a normal house) . Sort of like a basement, or another type of temporary shelter… Also would be good for travelling.