Hi Rust community i have been reading posts for the past few days and have collected a whole bunch of possible ideas.(Produced by the community)

Please feel free to add more suggestions and have your say on which ideas you could see working…

Add a weather atmosphere (raining,storms etc)
Make military grade weapons more harder to make.
Add traps (trip wires,spike pits)
Perhaps use a Leveling system when crafting items (set skill level)
Add more zombie apocoliptic made weapons and less military grade. (base ball bat will spikes, bow and arrow, cross bow, spears etc)
Maybe increase map size ( depending on server play limit)
Add a prone/laying down/crawling option.
Add a removal system for unused buildings (So if a house or shelter isn’t used for a set amount of time it gets deleted).
Ability to dig under ground basements or storage rooms.
Fix up flare glitch in game
Add different genders/uniforms
Add more animals(fish)/armors
Fix player animations (if enemy has an axe i want to see an axe not a gun XD)

Note Sorry for grammer and remember this is only Alpha so some suggestions are long term and short term or not even practical.

Thanks… Rust KING:dance: