Rust Community Tracker

What I’m About
I started out back in EARLY alpha (Early web browser) and played this game nonstop. By this I mean I played all the time, I didn’t have a life. I logged well over 1100 hours in the span of a year, and that’s an over estimate. I was as well very involved in the community from creating different fan pages to posting and helping people on the forums all the time. From there the game died out due to the fact that everyone was leaving Rust because of the development of the newer version. I tried to get involved with the development build but I just couldn’t. So I focused my attention to my life and branched away from Rust as well.

I woke up at 2 am and saw that an update had just completed for Rust and a ding went off in my head, so I went to the website ( and just scrolling through the amount of updates and community updates made me miss this game. So I started up the game (New Rust) and was instantly hooked, there are actual goals now and an actual survival aspect to the game.

Why I’m Here
I understand that FacePunch has their own way of dealing with bugs, but at the same time I want to contribute to the community again. In Legacy times FacePunch would do what the community wanted and at the same time what was best for the game. And right now I’ve been reading through a bunch of the community sites and the bugs posts are scattered and the players wants and needs are scattered.

So my way of getting back to the community is going to be organizing these players problems/wants/needs.

How I Plan on Accomplishing This
Right now I have a Trello page (Inspired by the old Rust ways) to organize everything at this point. I do plan on branching out and registering a domain and designing a website. I have plenty experience with web design so that won’t be a problem. I want this to be a small team project ran by the community.
So as of now I am looking for people that are very involved or would like to be involved with the Rust community. Message me if you are interested.

Sorry you’re about to lose your life again. You sure you want to do this and not see the sun again for another 1100 hours?

I’m ready Senpai.