Rust community

Hello Everybody , i just wanted to let everybody know we are a huge Rust Community always lots of people in our Teamspeak 3 Server IP:

We want to fill our Rust Server with players that dont like Cheaters and like to have fun playing in a team or doing pvp/pve.

Sleepers Allowed in our Server mostly Admins are around or for sure in our Teamspeak if not on the Server…

Our Server IP : net.connect

It has 200 Slots and dont worry we dont wipe on that Server only if really Everything is almost full but that would take a while :smiley: and also u dont have to be scared that the Server goes offline it wont…only for updates maybe…

Feel Free to join us everytime we are community Multiple Language…

My Steam:

Alright hope we see us to team up

(User was banned for this post ("undescriptive thread title/missed the servers subforum" - postal))