Rust community!

For a long time now all I ever hear about the rust community is how toxic it is, well as a member of the community I feel now is the time that we take control of our own image. So what I am asking is - what would you say makes rust so toxic? And is there really any hope of turning it around? Let me know your guys views on the toxicity.

Rust is a multiplayer survival game with FPS mechanics. Things are going to get dirty. And to be honest, If everyone just ran around being nice to each other I wouldn’t have any interest in playing.

i couldn’t care less what people outside of the rust community think of the rust community. but yeah, it CAN be a pretty hostile, toxic environment. anonymous “freedom” brings that out in people, but it can also show you a very kind, friendly and decent side to them as well.

I play on a PVE server, where we are a friendly bunch - so I dont really find all that toxicity - but I also mostly enjoy building weird buldings and figure out to reproduce bugs etc.