Rust computer crashing bug

Hello, i got rust on steam a few days ago and have been running it on my laptop no problems and loving it :slight_smile: but when i play it on my desktop it will randomly crash in game. But this crash is a little unlike any other crash i have run across. My screen goes black, then it shows the little cable disconnected symbol you get when nothing is plugged in. At the same moment that happens my graphics card cooling fans spin upto 100% and everything stays that way until i shut it off. at first i thought this was a problem with my card over heating because of the fan spin up, so before i started the game i hooked up another monitor and put amd catalyst up so i could see the GPU temp, then i manually tuned the fan speed upto 90% to keep the card cool and turned on the game. It again played for a few minutes before the same crash happened, and the GPU temp never went over 42c, and no it wouldn’t be the CPU that thing has a amazing cooler. Any thoughts? i am running a Radeon HD 6850 and an FX-8120

Your graphics driver is crashing.

What version of Catalyst do you have?


I’m having the EXACT same issue. My card is also not overheating, it’s a 6850. There’s some driver issue between it and Rust and I don’t know how to resolve it. I’m using Catalyst 13.11…

Same thing for me with my R9 290. 13.11 beta drivers

I have the same issue too - ATI R7 260x with 13.12.

Screen randomly goes black and I can hear sound for a couple of seconds before it stops. Then I have to hard reset

Sucks man D:

Similar here, tho I use GeForce.
My PC simply goes black like the power cable has been disconnected.
GeForce GTX460

i have problem with geforce too
gtx 560ti what drive u use?