Rust computer specifications thread and "Can I run this" Thread.

Hello everybody. By now I’m sure that you have seen a decent amount of threads popping up with people asking wether or not they can run rust. Well here I would like for people to all post their computer specifications and benchmarks from And . If you can fill out the form like this.

Computer Specifications
Processor:(Ex: Amd fm4100 quad core) Benchmark(Ex.4,051)
Video Card:(Ex: Gtx660)Benchmark(Ex.4,116)
Ram Amount:(Ex.8gb), Clock speed(Ex.1600mhz)
Operating system: (Your operating system)
Average Rust Framerate( Ex. 55)

Software for testing your own computer:

If you have a question about your own computer you cannot answer feel free to leave your specifications and hopefully the community can help decided if you could run it or not.

Computer Specifications
Processor:Intel core i7 4770 4 GHZ
Video Card:GTX SLI 780
Ram Amount:16
Operating system:Windows 7 professionnel 64 bit
Average Rust Framerate 140

I changed my config because my older pc is not capable for run the game whit gtx 650 and i7 3770k :smiley:

Here want me to find out the benchmarks for your comp? Or the average ones. I don’t know how I would do the sli exactly, you might have to download the software from here and test it.

GTX 780 7,992
I7 4770 9,876

Or, use this link and find a game that is spec-similar to Rust. CanYouRunIt

Rust is browser based unlike most games on this website. Thats why you cannot really compare it yet. Also games are programed and coded differently. Like battlefield 4 beta for example has a certain bug that causes 100% cpu usage and will lag just about anyone. So its not always good to find a similar looking game. But instead find results on games that give similar performance as rust does compared to those games.