Rust Concept Art by MeganT: The Mutant Deer (with a glowy twist)

This picture was posted in September 2013! dunno how i missed it or if its already been posted but here it is again…or not. I love the sound choice.

“Another mutated animal idea, this time with a built-in useful resource. Because every game needs a melting deer with glowing radioactive antlers you can make into green glow sticks. Now you can party hard.
Also, it may be hunting you and may possibly make this noise:
Enjoy!” MeganT

I think its awesome though i would love to see a variation with two heads like the mutant two headed deer from the show The 100.

I’m fairly sure this artwork was thrown up right around the time they had that poll on what we should change zombies to. I was really excited for mutated animals to eventually take over for the red animals but so far it hasn’t happened yet. Here’s hoping they haven’t changed their minds.

Was thinking about mutated deers today, would be very terrifying.

yeah it was, its at the Facepunch website concept art section with the date and year, September 2013. I really hope they do bring back the mutant animals especially the above conceptual deer.

With how dark it gets in the forest now it would be really cool to see these lit up in the darkness. The light they gave off could be similar to a torch, and from a distance you might think it was another player. Then you get close and oops! Now you’re in trouble.

Would be funny if the deer emmited radiation and just ran in circles around players until the player succumbed. Then they would eat the body.

Imagine coming across what looked like a Newman having a rave party in a valley, only to find he was radiated to death by a whirlwind of 4 Rave Stags.

: I’m a fan of alternative attack methods for interesting mutant animals.
I had an idea a couple months ago for some mutant chicken concept art where the the chickens would inject paralyzing venom into the player.

If the venom builds up, the player falls asleep and is slowly digested alive by chickens who keep his system full of venom as they consume him.

My alternative venom idea was a stimulant that shakes the players screen to the rythme of a heartbeat. If too much builds up the players heart explodes.