Rust Concept: Domesticated Animals?

Looking at the dev blog today, the chicken animations got me thinking:

If you could build fences, pick up live chickens like an item, and then place them in your fences/barns, then you have a food source that doesn’t go bad and is ready for the harvesting when needed. This would means you wouldn’t have to store large amounts of food in boxes. You could make the food spoil more quickly to encourage domestication.

You could of course make it way more complicated than that and even have chickens reproduce when in range of a cratftable coop. You could maybe do the same with the boars, you could add wild goats, catch them, domesticate and then milk them. Not trying to make rust into Harvest Moon, but these types of things could add some more reality and depth to the game.

If you want to get really crazy with domestication - wolfs become guard dogs…

just throwing out some ideas. Thoughts?

Awesome idea. I would love a chance to pull a John Shooter (Secret Window) skit on my neighbors dog.

I’m worried about the implications of this though. Mainly because domestication of animals is basically slavery, do we really want to teach the players of Rust that slavery is OK? It boils down to human privilege, it is easy to say this would be a cool feature in the game because you do not experience the horrors of being a farm animal, like our furry brethren endure everyday of their pitiful lives. This is not the kind of “depth” we need in our game. Politically speaking, this would be a slippery slope for the rust community because if Garry adds this and he in fact allows slavery, could I enslave another person? Where will this end? Will players become slaves to the server owners? Who knows. I do not think that this should be a feature that is added to our game.

Have you eaten a hamburger? A chicken salad? Don’t you eventually crave that quarter-lb with cheese every now and again? Were do you think that meat comes from… a cow/chicken farm. It’s a nasty business and very cruel, but unfortunately already embedded in our everyday life. Rust is not going to be that silver bullet that cures cancer, frees all the cows, and solves global warming.

Do you own any pets? How many people do you know that own a pet dog or cat? I am sure a-lot of them do. Domesticated animals have been around for thousands of years, and what they have been breed for… for thousands of years. Mans best friend is a saying for a very good reason.

Also, I like your knock-off SS Nazi party avatar. Very fitting.

First of all I don’t kill animals when I eat meat. I buy meat in packages so that way I know there was no animal that was hurt. I do own pets but that is not the same as murdering them like the OP was suggesting we allow players to do. Also that is not a knock-off, that is a scan of my grandfathers portrait from the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.

“I buy meat in packages so that way I know there was no animal that was hurt.”

No Comment.

“I do own pets but that is not the same as murdering them like the OP was suggesting we allow players to do.”

He “suggested” that we gut and eat the animals that their only purpose in life is to be gutted, and eaten by humans. Which includes chickens, cows… and sometimes goats if they stop producing good milk. He refers to the domesticated animals such as dogs as a form of protection, only.

You must’ve missed the threads where people legitimately wanted to be able to enslave other players.

Some of them continued to argue after it was pointed out that this would lead to people just going to another server since their gameplay’s now being controlled by someone else who is, more likely than not, a total dick.

[sp]yes I know toaster isn’t being serious, but these people were[/sp]

you know he’s fucking with you right?:wink:

This is a game where naked people run around and brutally murder each other with rocks and sticks. Please tell me you are being sarcastic that you feel that virtually domesticating chickens is immoral. Please?

Sounds amazing. Would absolutely love to see this in-game!

So what about killing? Should that be removed too because it teaches the players of Rust that killing people is Ok?

Stop being such a wuzz

I think you might be taking him more seriously than you should.

For the record, I would have no problems if Rust adopted elements from Harvest Moon. Just saying.

Why bother? Every time you log off someonewould come and steal/kill your animals. Then you would be building barns to hold them and people would just raid your barn.

Traps, AI guard dogs, or even the animals themselves could be used as deterrents to those seeking to take down your barn.

The way I see it, if its just as easy to restock your barn with animals as it is to raid the barn, then it makes sense. There was never any shortage of animals in Rust that I was aware of.

I don’t think that the barn or “domestication” of animals should confer any real advantage to the player over the pagan heathen still hunting in the woods and living underneath a boulder…

i personally would burn the barn down, then harvest all the cooked meat like a boss. then your AI guard dog would just be more cooked wolf meat for me to eat.

back to the op though, i could accept the idea of taming certain animals, but the reality is there isn’t much point.

wolves would be the only ones that realistically could be tamed for any purpose other than for eating later, and they would take a decent amount of work to train not to eat you. they would probably just kill you unless some kind of feeding mechanism was added, especially since currently they rape you on sight.

that said, it would be kind of cool to have 3-4 wolves roaming your fenced off front yard who recognise and don’t eat you. or who follow you while you are hunting and kill anything you attack or animals that get aggro with you.

In legacy i used to fence off the area around my base, then get a few animals to follow me back in and close the gate behind me, they were like my pets, but they were noisy fuckers

I think that animals will be in shorter supply when they finalize the different areas. If I remember right, animals are more even spread at the moment, but they will become more specific to zone. This would give reason to “grow” your own food. Be it animals or whatever.