Rust Concept: Harpoon Guns

Saw this on Trello

and it brought to mind a video i saw on Youtube a week ago, It’s from Assassins Creed 4, skip to 2:25 for an awesome part!

I use a speargun from time to time. There are 2 types I am aware of. Pneumatic-you just push it in real hard and it clicks in place(love these) and a banded version where it basically is the equivalent to a crossbow. What I enjoy about the banded version is they can have multiple bands to increase the power, but putting the last, farthest one on is a bitch. (In my case of scuba diving) if a fish pops out of nowhere and you miss, you can just pop a single band into place for less power, but faster reload.

I like that one with the windup crank, I feel like it could have the same effect as a banded speargun with the reload power trade off. It would be cool if it could pierce armor if you wind it up extra hard.

Bring on the whales!

haha hell yeah that’d be fun. especially if you had it at the end of a long corridor and ambushed a whole bunch of raiders coming down it, and BANG! impale 5 raiders to a wall lol

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AND the Great White Sharks!

Here’s a Picture of a banded spear gun This would probably be easier to make in a rust environment, but I think the crank gun is easier to animate.
The bands basically get pulled back and fit into notches on the spear itself.

That’s cool, would definitely be worth having in game for some serious fishing.

Rust concept by Dev, with wind up reel