Rust Concept: Rad Wolves, Frozen Cargo Ship and Rad Town 2

Some concept pics you may have already seen on Rusts Trello, I like the Rad wolves, though i hope they make them much bigger than a normal wolf. Maybe twice the height and size? maybe some Rad Chickens too?

A nice desert themed Rad Town.

Frozen Cargo Ship.

I love all their concept work and especially love the frozen freighter. It adds a certain mystique to the game world.

Better than the temporary red animals in legacy. Lets also try making rad dogs.

The cargo ship would also be good. What about it being a radioactive-stuff carrier? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Love It Cargo ships Rule(have said so in many old posts),
I just hope they get the scale of it right,
loved the concept artwork for the lighthouse but now it’s in game it’s a bit underwhelming, even the most basic built player structure make it look like it’s from a miniature village exhibit in Cornwall, I know ever building can’t be a monster monolith or structure but a light house i am sure should be bigger. like the one that was in Pete’s Dragon.

Now if they Could just model And implement their concept art

Been waiting for these.

definitely an advocate for rad animals, and them being bigger and badder than the normal forms. nice post:)

Can’t wait to see some of these concepts in the game, they all look like they’ll so much fun to raid through.

HAHA! that is awesome, good find, i love that Chicken on his head look at the mouth on it!!, make them a bit bigger and fast as f#ck!

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I think it makes sense to make Rad Animals larger than the normal size animals. If normal bears are big now imagine how much bigger the Rad bears could be especially if they one day get the bears to stand on their back legs.

Would certainly make one think long and hard about heading out at night to get more supplies with those things getting around, lol

Are they going to drop like an enhanced leather? I cant see their meat being edible being radioactive. Hope they dont drop special loot, never made sense in legacy.

What if you could eat the meat and its radioactive ingredients would eventually have an effect on your own body creating mutation?

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Found this on the net, its not a Rust concept but i imagine that’s what the Mutant Bears would look like.

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A mutant Rabbit?

skippy, skippy, skippy the mutant kangaroooooo…

A mutant kangaroo maybe?

You never seen a Raptorrat-Kangarabbit before WHERE have you been all your lives ?

Minh Le Bear animations check out video @ 1min in

They dropped loot because they were a contrived, artificial, and ‘temporary’ replacement for zombies, which dropped loot, and they never added a new loot vehicle to fill the role of ‘wandering, aggressive loot dropper’.

Great Video, i love when he stood up, that was great, it needs some work on the stance and foot work but its coming along nicely.

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A mutant Kangaroo would be cool, especially if you could tame it as a mount to ride around on, mutant Koalas that drop from trees, needle shooting mutant Echidna’s, Platypus’ the size of crocodiles…maybe we need an Australian Biome for Rust?.
I’d prefer the mutant Kangaroo to look less like a Rat and more like the Mega-Fauna Kangaroo of the Australian Prehistoric age, that thing was a beast.

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haha that would be a weird show

Dare I say you are suggesting they add Drop Bears in the game?


I’m fine with anything as long as it’s not those potato monsters and tree monsters in the concept art…ugghh

well, technically yes, but i think it would be easy enough to explain that as stuff found in the giant mutant animals stomach from its previous victims. that’s how i always saw it anyway.