Rust Concept: Weather & Environments(with videos)

A Weather System is something very important that is missing in Rust Exeprimental right now, and for a good reason, that being its not time to implement and test weather effects until major core parts of the game are settled in.
The basic Weather Effects would probably be Snow, Rain, Heat and Wind. Each system has a variety of intensity, for example Rain can go from a light drizzle to a torrential fall(or pissing down buckets). Yet every effect can happen in any Biome for example Snow can fall in a desert if its temperature drops low enough or a sudden heat wave can effect a Snow Biome so much that it can cause Snow to melt into Floods or Avalanches.

This thread is just for fun and for those who like to see and talk about this kind of subject, its basically a placeholder until the real thing happens. :slight_smile:

The following is just an example list of possible Weather Effect Scenarios that could appear in Rust Experimental, yet are really only possible if the game engine allows it without problem. Some online games run a weather system no problem such as Mortal Online.

Desert Biome:
Extremely hot days and cold nights
Sand Storms
Dust Devils
Tumbleweed rolling with the wind
Strong Winds
Heat Haze/Mirages

Snow Biome:
Snow Storms

Electrical Storms/Thunder & Lighting

Optional Weather/Environment Effects
Solar & Luna Eclipses
Falling stars

I did some research into weather effects used in Unity3D, and found quite a few good videos that demonstrate good weather effects. Most videos are only 2 minutes long or at the most 7 minutes.

UniStorm v1.4 - Dynamic Weather : Thunder Storm with Unity 3d

This video has a simple Thunderstorm that ends with the sun shining through storm clouds

UniStorm 1.7 - Realistic Time of Day, AI, and Weather Unity 3d

This video demonstrates how AI react according to the type of weather, which could be used for animals.

UniSky v1.2 Preview - Procedural Weather Update

This one is one of my favourites, despite the poor quality video i can only imagine how great it would look in Rust.

The Beauty of UniStorm - Dynamic Day and Night Weather System for Unity3d

This video has a basic day night system with a storm. The quality is decent.

Storm Effects Trailer

This one is fantastic!, and demonstrates various strengths of Clouds, Rain, Wind and also has TORNADOS! I would love to see someones house get swept away by a tornado.

UniStorm 1.6 : Dynamic Snow

This one is very nice, and shows the effects of Dynamic snow. Would be great to be able to make snowmen and have snow ball fights!

Triton Ocean SDK Demo 2014.6

This is a great demonstration of the Ocean and how various weather can effect the Ocean.

Tropical jungle in Unity 3d [Tropical Nature Pack]

This is what I imagine Rusts Forests will become, after seeing this video i realized just how bare Rust was, i never really bothered too much about it before.

BIG Environment Pack Vol.3 / Unity3d

This video explores various environments and weather types minus the snow which would have been nicer. The Thunderstorm and lighting look nice as well as the Desert Biome which ooks great with the dust winds. Love the Forest Biome too.

BIG Environment Pack Vol. 2

This one explores the snow and as wells as fog, geysers and steam effects, it really is a beautiful video to watch, relaxing even.

Mobile Environment Pack

This one starts off underground in caves, with glowing mushrooms and crystals :slight_smile: i love the tree house near the end of the video its them ain reason i added it.

UniStorm 1.7 - Realistic Day & Night Dynamic Weather Simulator for Unity

This one shows various weather effects including a thunderstorm and wind forcing a windmill to work. It also has custom lightning bolts!

Blackout Dynamic Weather Testing

This is definitely my favourite watch how strong the winds is and how it bends a tree almost in half!! having trees bend in strong wind is clearly a must for realism.

[TerrainEngine] Infinite Procedural World. Biomes / Climbing Plants / Exploration WIP V7 Unity3D

Nice environments and a ninja

Recyx Weather System preview

This one has great Weather effects in the Desert and shows what a An EARTHQUAKE!, Rain Storm, a Dust Storm and a TORNADO would look like in the desert.

This seriously has to be in the game upon full release - awesome

This is a must imo.
Now, if this could be used along side with weather effects (if it’s stormy cold your body feels the effects) omg!

Garry has talked about a weather systems with the other devs so im pretty sure it’ll be tested at some point, most likely next year.

I’d like to see thick fog early in the morning some mornings and evenings. The forests are totally creepy even with the minimal effect that’s there now.

yeah i think they are working on the fog at the moment or have been. But i agree, really thick fog where you can only see about 10-20 metres in front of you would be fun.

My god, just thinking about the suspense: You hear a bear and you can’t even see it in the thick fog.

Got yourself a horror movie right there

Great OP there. :slight_smile:

Like in Silent Hill 2(game) the fog was done pretty well there and you’d hear things moving yet couldnt see them :slight_smile:

You hear rustling in bushes… thick fog… the noise comes closer, closer, CLOSER!.. It’s a rabbit.

My god this would be fun.