Rust connect accounts in MySQL

Hello, I am a developer and I have my server Rust, I wonder if there is a way for me to connect “all” the data that the server sends the files and change them to MySQL.

write a program that dumps data from the save files into sql.

it wouldnt be easy to force rust to load directly from your sql.

What could I do to read data Rust .sql MySQL?

I program in C++, C #, PHP, Java, etc…

you obviously don’t know shit if your asking these questions.

So, can leave you recommend, I really need it …
If I do not, I turn around and find the solution.

Herasmy can you please explain what exactly you mean?
You have a rust server. With mods? Which ones? Oxide? Rust++? Magma?
What data are you trying to store in SQL? Are you trying to modify an existing mod to do it?

You didn’t provide any information for us to help you.